Naksh Calls out Naira! Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st September Written Updates

Naksh Calls out Naira! Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st September Written Updates :- The show starts with Naksh singing and everyone was enjoying the party. Kartik dances with Naira in his imagination and then, he looks at Nair and smiles.


Meanwhile, Nannu takes drugs and thinks, he must hide it from Varsha. He put the drug tablet in the chewing box. He dances. Chandu looks on for Naira.

Kartik asked Nannu for chewing gum but Nanndu does not give him. Then, chewing gum box falls and Kartik took it. Mishti comes and takes Kartik with her.

Ananay talks with Ranveer and gets emotion. Naksh pulls her legs. Ranveer apologises to her for not being with her on this special day. Naksh asked her to nor cry and enjoy the part. Antalya agrees.

Naksh asked the waiter to bring the mask. Ananya ask whose Idea was this? Naira and Naksh we follow you on the social media handle. They all we=ar mask snap dances.

Naira dances with Kartik. Gayu dances with Vivaan. Gayu told Vivaan that she loves her. Vivaan says it’s good you told me this directly. Vivian’s mask fall and Gayu stops.

Chandu came there in the party with wearing a mask. Partners chances and Gayu dances with Kartik and Chandu dances with Naira. He takes the drink from a waiter and intentionally makes it fall over Naira’s dress.

Naira went to the washroom. Chandu follows her. Meanwhile, Nannu was dancing weirdly and everyone looks at him and thinks what happened to him.

Naira reaches into a room. Nandu follows him but Kartik went to Naira. Kartik says why you leave the door open, it’s not safe. Naira says you I am just coming. Kartik stands at the door and asked Naira is anything he can do for?

Naira calls him and asked him to open the tap as it is not opening. Kartik goes and checks it. Naksh look for Naira and Mishti told him that Naira went to the washroom.

On the other side, the chewing gum box fell out of Kartik’s pocket. Naira and Kartik eat it. Kartik broke the tap and water starting falling on them. Chandu think how he will revenge Naira when Kartik is with her.

Naksh thinks he must checks Naira for once. Meanwhile, Naira and Kartik get in drugs effect and they talk silly. Kartik says I Love you Naira and Naira get shocked. Music plays.


In the upcoming episode, Naira talks to Kartik and she will ask him if anything happens then tell me. She will ask him, did you do any mischief or old revenge. Kartik looks on. Naksh calls out Naira.