Narendra Modi: India will send a Manned Mission To Space By 2022

Reports are coming that India is working on a manned mission which is supposed to take place into space by 2022. Also, the official announcement of this mission is confirmed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday during t a speech to the nation, he said,”India will send into space — a man or a woman — by 2022, before that if possible.” Modi said in a marathon address at the Red Fort in New Delhi for the country’s Independence Day.

Also, the reports are coming that the astronaut would be “carrying the national flag,” Modi said.  You all should know that if it happens then India would be only the fourth country, after Russia, the United States, and China to launch this kind of mission. Narendra Modi confirmed this all in a speech during the Independence Day speech from Red Fort in New Delhi on Wednesday.

This is a big step for the nation because it will help in a lot of ways and this is really amazing news. You all may know that India is investing heavily in its space missions. It is aiming to send an unmanned mission to the moon in January 2019, the Indian Space Research Organisation announced last week. The Chandrayaan-2 orbiter will aim to put a craft with a rover onto the moon’s surface to collect data.

You all may already that India proved it a lot of time that we are very powerful and the Chandrayaan-1, which is launched in 2008, orbited the moon and sent a probe to the surface which made a controlled crash landing. Also, we have already launched an orbiter to Mars in 2013 which is still operational also we made a record in 2017 after launching 104 satellites in one blast-off.

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