Natasha sees Pari! Kawach 2nd July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Natasha sees Pari! Kawach 2nd July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- Manjulika is decided to fix her mom painting in the main hall portion and post that painting on the main wall than the Rajbeer family sees that,the Manjulika mother painting was fixed in the main hall wall and then throw that painting from the main wall to the store room.

Kavach Episode Written Updates

Kavach Episode Written Updates


Kavach Episode Written Updates

When Manjulika shouted very loud then she seeing that the Rajbeer family leaves her mom’s portrait from the main wall and Manjulika rules Pari to hold them.

Pari tells she will not and speaks Manjulika cannot insert her body immediately, and her mom’s seat is in store place.

In the day time, when breakfast, Rajbeer says the people that he is traveling to Canada for 15 days on a company conference. Daadi asks him to get Pari onward for the honeymoon.

Natasha says Pari should be given to any local hill site like Massouri, Darljeelling rather of Canada. Rajbeer’s buddy asks Rajbeer to get his pass, other he will turn back like closing time if he skips passport.

Rajbeer asks Pari to see their passport. Pari reaches to her place. Manjulika says she will party vacation with Rajbeer for 15 days. Pari says she will not make that issue and burns passport.

She tells Rajbeer that her passport made fired by slip, so she will wait at house and mix with household members. Manjulika tortures Pari and says next 7 p.m.

she will enter her heart and will stay Rajbeer here. She starts Pari’s heart at 7 p.m. and injures her aspect. Rajbeer needs elders’ permissions and is on to drop for Canada during Manjulika or Pari calls him emphatically.

He moves up and notices her harmed. Docter servants her forehead pain. Mom claims what occurred. She says she moved in the shower and caught her crisis on a board.

Her family also gets and her mom asks what occurred. Rajbeer asks how did they understand about Pari’s pain. Pari’s mom says she does not understand of the injury, however, Pari had told of Rajbeer traveling to Canada, so they became, Pari asks Rajbeer to go to Canada single. Rajbeer leaves. Manjulika reek.

Manjulika in Pari’s body steps in the hall. Natasha says that bad younger writer could not also go elsewhere. Manjulika sharply frets that she will show her a lesson soon.

Natasha is well sleeping on her bed. Manjulika or Pari joins her room and shakes her feet. Natasha rises up and views Pari on the bed, covers herself in the bedsheet.

Shakti sees and asks what is she preparing. He scolds her to relax. She steps out and views Pari in a hall. She comes lost screaming. Shakti reaches and takes her to place.

Docter holds her and says she is a lot of task fear, so is doing mysterious and needs some support. Manjulika in Pari’s body remains following to Natasha and smirks, shaking her claws in hair.

Manjulika remains torturing Pari for giving Rajbeer. Pari says presently she will not notice Rajbeer for 15 days. Rajbeer gets back and says the terminal road has a truck trouble.

So he became back. Manjulika smiles on Pari. At midnight, Manjulika catches her mom asking her. She in Pari’s body become out of bed and steps into storehouse room separating huge lock.

Manjulika in Pari’s body seems at her mom’s burned painting. Mom says she has to take her out including black magical solution via Pari’s body.

She complains that 30 years before Bundela house killed her and barred her in case death. Natasha continues kitchen to soak water and views Pari in the storehouse room. Manjulika tells her mom that she will get her outside of death and directions take her behind to Bundela family.