Nathan Millard Case: Police Arrest 1 of 2 Women Wanted in Connection Explained!

In the last few days, the death news of a person who has been identified as Nathan Millard circulating on social media and most of the people are trying to collect more details about the passing of Nathan Millard who has become a topic of discussion on the Internet. According to the sources, the body of Nathan Millard was found hidden behind a closed Baton Rouge funeral house, which was wrapped in a rug and plastic. The reports say that he was a resident of Covington and a father of five children who traveled to Louisiana for business.

Nathan Millard Case

On February 22, 2023, while attending an LSU game, he had a meeting. It was the time when he was last spotted. According to the investigators, he was seen leaving Happy’s Irish Pub, which is situated along Third Street close to Convention Street in the downtown area, after the bartender interrupted him. There was almost 500 feet distance between his lodging and the tavern. Now, his death has become a topic of discussion on the Internet. Everyone is trying to know the details of the incident and wants to know what happened to him and how did he die.

Nathan Millard Case

According to the investigators of this case, after leaving the pub, Nathan continued to walk about the neighborhood, making it to the opposite side of Interstate 110 an hour later and less than a mile away. Later, Nathan ran into a security guard at the Florida Street Greyhound Bus Terminal who thought that he was out of the place and required a taxi, Uber or any other form of transportation to reach his destination. Nathan say no and continued to his journey.

Now, two suspects has been arrested in this case and police is investigating the case to know the reason behind this murder. According to the sources, one of the suspects has been identified as Derrick Perkins who is 45 years old and a noted drug dealer. He was arrested by Baton Rouge Police Detectives on Monday for his role in the improper disposal of Millard’s body. Nathan Millard was last seen at around 04:30 AM on February 23 but police couldn’t say where.

Another side, one of the two prostitutes is wanted in connection with the murder of Nathan Millard. Now, they both are currently in jail. Since the news of Millard was confirmed, many individuals and his colleagues are paying tributes to him and giving their deep sorrow to the family members who are going through a difficult time as they lost their beloved family member.

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