Happy National Bird Day 2019: Theme, Significance, Facts, Quotes, Images & Pictures

Happy National Bird Day 2019: Theme, Significance, Facts, Quotes, Images & Pictures: National Bird Day is celebrated on January 5 annually all across the globe by the Nature lovers, bird lovers and bird watchers. National Bird Day is one of several selected holidays celebrating birds.

National Bird Day 2019

The day is celebrated to put emphasis on the birds and critical issues for the protection and survival of birds. About 10,000 bird species in both, pet birds and wild birds are in the risk of extinction. National Bird Day was created to promote avian awareness.

National Bird Day 2019: Facts

  • Ostriches have the largest eyes of any land animal. They have eyes bigger than their brain.
  • Some ducks sleep with one eye open. In a group of 5 ducks, 1 duck is given the charge to guard the perimeter. So that duck sleeps but with one eye open so that if there is any activity nearby, it can detect easily.
  • Hummingbirds are smallest and least weight birds in the world. An average Hummingbird weighs around 4-5 grams.
  • Parrots are good learners. If taught properly, they can learn up to hundreds of words.
  • The skin of penguin acts as camouflage both on land and water.

National Bird Day 2019: Celebrations

To celebrate this day annually, many activities are organised for the avian lovers. Some of the activities that are organised are:

  • Bird-watching: Bird-watching or birding is a practice of wildlife observation in which the observing the birds could be a fun activity or could be the citizen science. It is done through the naked eyes, through binoculars and telescopes, through listening to the bird sounds or watching birds through public webcams.
  • Studying Birds: People study birds in different aspects according to their interests. Many people study about bird’s behaviour, body structure, species, aviation, visual appearance, migration, etc. Study of birds is also known as Ornithology. Ornithology is a branch of Zoology.
  • Enlightening others: People share their views on this day and educate each other about the birds they know. Many people demonstrate that how they trained their Parakeet or what food they put for their birds.
  • Other bird-related activities: Activities such as feeding the bird, games like identify the birds, etc. are held.
  • A very significant National Bird Day activity is bird adoption. On this day many bird fanatics adopt birds and keep them as pet.
  • Many people spend this day by learning and educating other the proper care, clean-up, noise and biting, feeding, diet of the birds for daily interaction.