National Drink Wine Day 2019: History, Facts and Celebrations

National Drink Wine Day 2019: History, Facts and Celebrations: National Drink Wine Day is celebrated on February 18 every year all over the United States. The main idea behind National Drink Wine Day is to spread the love and health benefits of wine amongst the people. This year the National Drink Wine Day is going to be held on Monday, 18 February 2019.

National Drink Wine Day 2019

Wine has played a significant role in every region in respect of history, religion and relationships.  This day embrace the positive benefits of wine whether reducing the risk of heart disease or enhancing the food and life.

Interesting Facts about Wine

On the National Drink Wine Day we are here to provide the Interesting Facts about Wine, so lets have a look.

Red wine’s health benefits come from its tannin compound

Red wine contain Polyphenols which comprise of tannin, color pigment, wine aromas, resveratrol, and about 5,000 other plant compounds. Out of all these polyphenols, the richest elements for health reasons in wine are Procyanidins, which are a type of condensed tannin that is also found in green tea as well as dark chocolate. This composite is specially linked with constraining cholesterol sign in blood vessels, which is extremely helpful to heart health and long life.

Drinking red wine in limited usage is better for you than not drinking at all

The antioxidants found in red wine lower the rates of cardiac disease and diabetes. Therefore drinking red wine in small doses is better for you than not drinking at all. Though, if you are drinking more than you’re supposed to, then the benefits are swapped by increased health risks. So, drink red wine in balance.

Red wines age longer than white wines

Red wines contain such compounds which help the wine to preserve longer such as colour and tannin. Therefore, these compounds help in preserving it for greater lengths than white wines. People frequently call these qualities in wine “structure” and use their existence as an display of how long a wine will age.

Early red wines are healthier than old red wines

It’s been said that old wines are the best wines and it is also true that certain well-aged wines taste better but if we talk about the health aspects of wine, old wine isn’t as good as compared to the Young red wines. The early stage red wine comprises of better tannin levels than any other type of wine.

The grape skins is the reason for colour in red wine

The skins of red grapes contains a plant pigment which is known as anthocyanin and that is the reason for colour in wine. Also, the as the wine ages, the colour turn out to be less intense. Very old wines colour is pale and translucent.

However, red grapes are older than white wine grapes. The white wine is produced by the yellow and green-colored grapes that originally come from a DNA mutation of red grapevines.

White wines contains more sulphites than red wines

Overall the sulfite levels in red wines are less than white wines. This is for the reason that red wines have a tendency to to be more chemically stable than white wines and do not break down as rapidly.

How to celebrate National Drink Wine Day

Celebrate the day by grabbing a bottle of wine and enjoy it with your family and friends with a small get together or in a fine restaurant. Also don’t forget to post the picture on your social media account with mentioning your experience with a hashtag # NationalDrinkWineDay.