National Press Day 2018 Theme, Tracing The Journey Of Indian Media

National Press Day 2018 Theme, Tracing The Journey Of Indian Media: National Press Day is celebrated on 16th of November annually in India. National Press Day is renowned to represent of a free and responsible press in India. The significance of this day is that, on this day only the Press Council of India started its operation as a ethical watchdog to make sure that the press preserve the great ethics expected from this influential medium of spreading news, but also that it was not restrained by the effect or pressure of any inessential aspects.

Why is National Press Day celebrated on November 16?

There are numerous Press or Media Councils worldwide, but the Press Council of India is a distinctive entity as this is the only body to implement the power and ability even over the instruments of the state. In India, more independence is given to the press media in order to safeguard the freedom of the press.

In India Press Council was established in 1956, recommending the first Press Commission to complete the best way of continuing skilled morals and principles in journalism. The Press Council was brought to bring a statutory body of authority, of people mainly associated with industry whose duty would be judged. By considering this thing in mind, Press Council of India was established and was progressed and advanced since November 16, 1966. Since the day it was established no other statutory body has contradicted or opposed the objective of Press Council in India.

Therefore, National Press Day on November 16 represents all the responsible, liable and free press in the country. The Indian government, press commission and all the responsible press in India appreciate it by giving honour to the day. The National Press Day is honoured every year on November 16 in appropriate custom by the Council.  On occasion of National Press Day various Seminars have been organized by the Press Council since the year 1997.

National Press Day, 2018 Celebration

On this year 2018, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will be inaugurating the National Press Day celebrations in New Delhi on 16 November 2018. CK Prasad who is the Press Council of India Chairman told the media last evening that on this occurrence the winners of the National Awards for Excellence in Journalism will be honoured.

N Ram, who is the well-known journalist and Chairman of the Hindu Publishing Group, has been nominated under prominent award category of Raja Ram Mohan Roy award. Chief Correspondent of Deshbandhu, Bhopal ‘Ruby Sarkar’ and ‘Rajesh Joshte’ of Daily Pudhari in Ratnagiri will be sharing the award in the category of Rural Journalism.

Mr CK Prasad said that the selection of the awardees was approved by a jury including renowned working journalists, and senior editors, among others.

Representatives from neighbouring Press Councils of SAARC countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Maldives will be also present on this occasion of National Press Day. The opening function will also comprise announcement of a memento.

The Press Council has been authorized by the Parliament to advance the standards of journalism and continue its freedom. The National Press Day is representational of a free and responsible press in India. The Press Council of India started its operation as a moral watchdog on this day onwards.