National Scientific Temper Day: A day to celebrate scientific sprit

National Scientific Temper Day: A day to celebrate scientific sprit: Well, today is National Scientific Temper Day 2018 and you all surprised because a lot of people or a big majority of people doesn’t know about this day. You all should know that it doesn’t really a big day or big world even and that’s why the reach is limited of it. As per the reports, India is perhaps the only nation where the constitution mandates that it is fundamental duty “to develop scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform”.

National Scientific Temper Day 2018

You all can say this day is all about that thing, and people especially who are connected to this field know about it. The phrase “scientific temper” is a legacy of Jawaharlal Nehru, who used this succinct term to describe rational thinking and reasoning based on evidence rather than pre-conceived notions. You all should know he was very serious about this whole issue and he knew that not just for things that dealt explicitly with science but in various aspects of life it is important.

Well, we all know that the developing such a scientific temper would have no doubt been a challenge in a young nation. We all are going through development and it needs to be better. After the 71 years of independence, we are still developing very slow, and we need to be fast in very terms to compete with other countries. We all know that the war doesn’t require Gun, Bombs now, but they are going on without them and a big developed country is going to win it.

Also, you all should know that we are living in a nation which is full of superstition, unable to disentangle mythology and science, and unfortunately susceptible to rumors that modern technology allows one to spread with remarkable ease. We think that days like this are going to help in a very long-term, maybe slowly but they are going to develop our nation.