National Selfie Day 21st June 2019; History, Facts and Why it’s Celebrated?

National Selfie Day 21st June 2019; History, Facts and Why it’s Celebrated?: Nowadays the advancement of technology has really changed the whole world. One of them is specially the cell phones and social networking sites, these have really transformed our lives. These technologies have helped us to communicate with each other very easily no matter wherever they are. And these technologies have also given rise to another medium of self-expression and that is popularly known as “selfie”.

National Selfie Day 21st June 2019

Selfie is the act of taking a picture of yourself with a cell phone or webcam and nowadays it’s very popular to post your selfies on social media. Selfie has made a huge revolution and now there will be hardly any person in the world who hasn’t take selfies of their own.

Well, now there is also a day fully dedicated to this great revolution that is known as National Selfie Day, let’s just found out more about the day.

When is National Selfie Day this year?

National Selfie Day is celebrated every year on June 21 since the year 2014. This year in 2019, National Selfie Day is going to be celebrated on 21 June 2019, Friday.

History of National Selfie Day

The history of selfie started way back to the year 2004, it was a drunk Australian on Flickr who make up and invented the term “selfie” in order to define the act of taking a picture of yourself and posting it to social media. With time the cell phone technology upgraded up and so as the various social media outlets because of which selfies also began to improve and has increased in popularity.

In the year 2013, the selfie would then hit the mainstream when the Oxford Dictionary added the term “selfie.”

The National Selfie Day was initially observed on 21 June 2014. The celebration was initiated by DJ Rick McNeely as a way to get people to revel in taking selfies of themselves as well as to do it in a creative way.

How to celebrate National Selfie Day?

National Selfie Day is celebrated by taking amazing selfies of yourself and posting it to social media using the hashtag #NationalSelfieDay. You can also add some of these National Selfie Day messages and captions while posting your selfies on  social networking sites.

“A selfie that speaks thousand words.”

“It is the best selfie ever!!!!”

“Always wear a smile for a better selfie.”

“That is certainly the cutest face and cutest smile ever.”

“It is funny to use filters to make yourself look better.”

“Crazy selfie love!!!”

“Wishing you a very Happy National Selfie Day…. May you click the best selfies ever that flood your social media with more and more likes.”

“Selfies are probably the best thing smartphones have gifted us…. Warm wishes on the occasion of National Selfie Day.”

“Get ready to click some memorable selfies on National Selfie Day as this is the way to celebrate this special occasion.”

“Let us celebrate National Selfie Day by clicking many more selfies to spread love and happiness around.”