Natpathigaram 79 Tamil Movie Review & Rating | Box Office Collection | Hit or Flop

Well, this weekend there’s lots of Tamil movies going to fight with each other and this going to excited to see who is going to win the race. In my words Natpathigaram 79 is going to be good competition for the other release because this movie is all about youth and teenagers and they must going to attract towards this movie.

Natpathigaram 79 Tamil Movie Review & Rating | Box Office Collection | Hit or Flop

Natpathigaram 79 is produced by D.Ravikumar and by and directed by Ravichanthiran Love and friendship has been the most used ingredients in Tamil cinema over generations. The film titled after the chapter about friendship in Thirukkural obviously has a lot to do with friendship and love, which was evident from the trailers also.

Let’s see how far Ravichandran has retained the knack he showed in dealing with these two aspects of life in his super hit films ‘Kannadhirey Thondrainal’ and ‘Majnu’.

Story based on-

Jeeva (Raj Bharath) is a Marine Engineering graduate waiting for a Navy job .He is in love with Pooja (Tejaswi) who runs an event management firm with her group of friends. Aravind (Amjath Khan) is a MBA final year student and his lover Maha (Reshmi Menon) is a classical dancer hailing from a middle class family.

The two couples accidentally catch up in a pub and become friends instantly. They become so close as a group of friends and move around together. Misunderstandings start creeping in. Circumstances lead to the wedding engagement of Jeeva and Maha without their knowledge.

What happens to the relationship between these four individuals and what happens to their friendship has been dealt in the rest and I think you should go and watch this movie because this movie is holding good melody.

Apart from this the film with a running time of just 118 minutes seems lengthy. Especially the first half drags initially with repeated scenes and the crisis starts only a few minutes before the interval. The placement of songs is also a dampener.

Positive point of the movie-

  • Movie has good story and scripted good by the writer.
  • Music and editing of this movie is so good.
  • Also this movie has good acting work did by the actors.

Negative point of the movie-

  • First half of the movie was good but 2nd half is bit boring somewhere.
  • Movie has good acting and story but I think promotion is bit low.


Final verdict-

Better writing could have placed ‘Natpadhigaram 79’ in the list of memorable Tamil films on friendship and love. Still it is not a letdown and can be given a go with your friends or loved ones and this movie is surely one time watch movie you can go and watch it.

Production: D.Ravikumar
Cast: Amjath Khan, Raj Bharath, Reshmi Menon
Direction: Ravichanthiran
Screenplay: Ravichanthiran
Story: Ravichanthiran
Rating: 3/5