Navratri 2022: What to Eat, What to Avoid, Upvas Vrat Recipes, Vrat Ka Khana, Fasting Food

Every year many people keep fast during their festivals. Now, Navratri is an Indian festival that is about to come in the month of October. People celebrate these Nine days and pray for Goddess Durga. Durga Maa takes shelter in the home for loving their devotees and blesses them. People keep fast to celebrate this festival in remembrance of the goddess Maa Durga and the healthy life of their family. During the festival, peoples neither cook nor eat non-veg food like eggs, meat, chicken, regular salt, and alcohol in their homes. Apart from, devotees like to eat some certain food like Kuttu ka atte ki purri, sabudana khichdi, allu ki kadhi, singhare ka atta, potato chips, fruit chaat, and more. Even, many peoples don’t add onion and garlic in their recipe, and here are some ways where you can make this food without regular ingredients.

Navratri Fasting Food

Here are some recipes and how it will benefit to your health 

  1. Kuttu ki purri : These purris are made up of Kuttu ka atta and it is easy to make in your home without any type of ingredients. Many peoples likes to eat it with chilled curd and red chili in it.
  2. Sabudana khichdi: Tapioca which is also called Sabudana. It is better for health and has a good quality of carbohydrates and starch. It is easy to make and you can add few spices, peanuts, cashew, and coriander.
  3. Allu ki kadhi: It is easy to make with your fast ingredient, just boiled in a cooker and throttle with your hand after boiled. Add curd in warm water and boiled it. then add your potato in it with ingredients as Masalas, coriander, and more.
  4. Singhare ke atte ke samose: It is easy to make with singhare ke atte . You can make it with potatoes and regular ingredients and eat it with tea.
  5. Potato chips: You can make it in your home as usual. Then add some salt to it and enjoy your festival with friends and family.
  6. Phool Makhana: Mostly, it is a regular snack for all, but you can easily eat this in your Navratri days with a little salt. Some peoples fry it in the oil than have with fruits.
  7. Sukhi Aarbi: Colocasia is usually known as ‘Aarbi’ in India. You can make Sookhi aarbi at a home with minimum ingredients as oil, salt, coriander, and whatever you want to add to it. As well as, have it with Kuttu ke atte ki puri.
  8. Singhare ka Halwa: It is another favorite dish for devotees in Navratri. This is made from cashew, pure ghee, nuts, almonds, and more. Some of the devotees offering to goddess and also offers to other people who pray for god
  9. Shakarkaandi ka Halwa: Shakarkandi Halwa is the most popular dish among devotees. During the year, it is always available on the streets and restaurants in as a Chatt. But people like to make Shakarkaandi Halwa during festivals.
  10. Banana lassi with curd: It is usually made with Banana and milkshake. It is easy to make. You can add some nuts, cashew, almonds, and dry fruits to stay healthy on fast days.

Share these recipes with your family and friends. Hope this Navratri festival brings more happiness to your life and spread joy with your relatives. HAPPY NAVRATRI.

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