NazaninFara: Perfect example of beauty with brain

NazaninFara is a true inspiration. She is a real beauty; not that someone who just looks beautiful externally, but someone who motivates through her courage, leadership skill, and passion. This beautiful lady has millions of followers over social media platforms like Facebook, instagram, etc. It’s true thatmost of these followers are the huge fans of Nazanin’scompelling beauty. But, she is a true inspiration for millions at the same time, especially the way she has established her brand amidst the challenging scenarios in Iran.

Apart from entrepreneurship, Nazanin has some flair passion towards writing as well. She writes her own blogs on various aspects, starting from beauty, skin care, social affair, motivational to enterpreneaural. Great news for the fans of her beauty is that Nazarin is still quite active in modeling arena, despite a stiff working schedule. You can find her endorsing top fashion brands.

Fara’s beauty world:

NazaninFara is a well-known entrepreneur. Her beauty products are immensely popular across the globe. The products from Fara’s store have been qualitatively pretty much exemplary. Nazanin made some buzz in the entrepreneurial arena through Olinda hair clip-on extensions.Fara Beauty today is one of the most endearing names among the beauty enthusiasts for the streams of products like lavish cosmetic line with eye lashes, elegant brushes, beauty sponges, and the face cleaning devices.

Best part about these products is that all these are quite distinguishing and technically enriched, with explicit features that can’t be found elsewhere. Interestingly, Fara has opened a new showroom in Dubai, a few days back. Physical address of the store is Fara beauty P2 shop no 4, Damac Park tower, Difc Dubai. Needless is to say that one can find the most upgraded range of NazarinFara brand of products at the store.

The buzz making 24k Roshpie Oil:

As explained above, each product of NazarinFara holds explicit quality. However, the most recent of such products that is creating some real buzz is the 24k Roshpie Oil. This made in USA product is in all news. It’s an incredible product to treat various beauty issues like scars, stretch marks, fine lines, dry skin, itchy skin, etc.

24k Roshpie Oil is a perfect daily moisturizer in contemporary times. The product has been manufactured and developed in the US by a team of cosmetic scientists. This cool moisturizer is a product for all skin types, with anti-aging advantages.

Moreover, the Rosehip Seed oil is packed with crucial nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These ingredients are quite effective in terms of improving the dark spots, diminishing scars, and the fine lines. At the same time, it’s been incredible in terms of hydrating the dry and itchy skins. The best part of this product is its characteristic to get quickly absorbed and improve the skin regeneration process.

Making things more interesting,Spa Nouveau added 24K Gold flakes to improve the overall softness, delivering a nice glossy look. It is here to mention that 24K Gold is an authentic mineral, which has been in use since ages, and is known for its anti-aging and skin firming properties.

How to use?

It’s quite an easy product to try. To start with, one should apply a slight layer of oil straight on to the skin. Otherwise, one may add a couple or three drops of 24 Karat Beauty Oil to the foundation, adding the better moisture effects and providing the needful fatty acids. It is recommended to use the damp beauty sponge for a better result.

Those suffering from dry under eye, or those who need extra hydration, should first apply concealer under the eye, followed by cream contour. Next, apply a couple of drops of 24 Karat Beauty Oil to the damp beauty sponge, as explained above.

Important points to note:

It is advised to shake it well prior using, and should not rinse it. Moreover, one should first massage a few drops smoothly on a clean skin only. For the best effect, it is advised to use it under make-up, around the affected eye spots as an overnight skin softening treatment. Immediately rinse through cold water, if it gets in contact with the eye. Hence, it should be avoided from the children. The product should be used within 12 months of the mentioned date on the bottle.

It can be found through every NazaninFara store. She has her stores in Dubai, Teheran (Iran), OSLO (Norway), and Manchester (UK).