Netizens get in a heated debate after discovering Big Bang tags in BTS ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’ MV

The use of the Big Bang’s tag in BTS’s latest MV for “Blood, Sweat & Tears” has led the long heated debate going on online.



Meanwhile, it required a Google Chrome extension to see the tags that were uploaded by the uploader of the MV. Under BTS’s MV transferred on Big Hit Entertainment’s legitimate Youtube channel, two Big Bang labels (Big Bang in both English and Korean) conducted tags such as Bangtan, BTS, big hit, and more.


It led the argument between the numbers of netizens as few of them believed that the same tags had been used by the Big Hit Entertainment to help raise BTS’s MV views.

Meanwhile, the ARMY claimed that these tags are not used in the same way Youtube hashtag, that regularly helps out the user to find the particular video.


Although, after all, these arguments and heated words, the Big Hit Entertainment finally called to remove all the Big Bang tags from the MV. Even, it is believed that these tags are no longer exists.



On the other side, some of the opinions are coming out that the same tags are used in the related searches. Even, some of the similar tags are used in the SISTAR’s “Shake It” MV contained tags like Noel, AOA, and ‘Unpretty Rapstar’. G-Friend and SISTAR’s MVs and Under G-Friend’s “NAVILLERA” MV, the label used TWICE, Red Velvet, and April tags.

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