New Addictive Puzzle Games Warp Shift Hit The Android Apps on Google Play

New Addictive Puzzle Games Warp Shift Hit The Android Apps on Google Play :- Definitely Pokemon Go is creating buzz all around the world but recently a new Android game has knocked on the doors of the gaming world that is going to catch your breath with its clever game play and distinctive artsy visual style, we are talking about new android game with the name “Warp shift”.


This game was earlier available on Apple App stores for few months but now company has ended the period and are selling this game on Google’s play store at the price of just $3. This is just a small price to get rid of all the nasty in-app purchases that ruins the gameplay and let one play the game without any interruption.

About “Warp shift” game:
It is not like some boring puzzle game but is a set of unique puzzle which is set in a mysterious world. This game takes you on a marvelous journey that not just challenges your mind but stimulates your senses as well.

It has intriguing sound designs with breath-taking visuals. One has to take the girl name “Pi” and her magical friends though a maze like confines of a chamber back to her home with no idea about the next step where it is going to lead you. Pi has trapped herself along with her friends in a chamber and her friends instead of blaming her of the heat for causing the earth quake that opened the earth beneath their feet, they together search for the way back to their homes. And to help them in reaching their homes one has to solve the maze like puzzle and has to bring the missing pieces of a huge pillar back in the centre of the chamber.

You job is to search for these pieces which are either hollowed out into rooms or are solid and then have to rearrange these cubes so that the door ways are aligned properly making out a way for them to leave. Main objective of this game it to sort all the puzzles which in turn ultimately restore the tower.

It runs on all the phones like Galaxy S3 Mini, HTC google Nexus 9, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, One Plus One, Asus google Nexus 7 etc. and requires Google’s android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This game is quite addictive and if one is interesting in buying this game then they have to head to the Google play store.