New Apple’s iOS Warning 10 To Detect Moisture In iPhone Lightning Connector

New Apple’s iOS Warning 10 To Detect Moisture In iPhone Lightning Connector :- Water is the worst enemy of our gadgets and none of us want to get stuck in such situation where the device is either immersed in water or liquid getting inside your phone even when you don’t have any idea about it. To avoid such situations apple has devised a plan that will give warning in advance hence averting such scenarios as apple doesn’t want its customers to have anything unapproved either on or in their iPhones.


A new feature has been introduced in the beta version of iOS 10 that issues the warning when the moisture is detected in the lightening connector of your iPhones. Currently this feature only works on iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and SE. apple has not yet released the complete list of all the devices that will be adaptable to this feature and neither suggested that this feature will remain in the iOS 10 when it will be shipped later in the end of this year.

It is still ambiguous the way this feature work. According to “EverythingApplePro” iOS 10 will activate a liquid sensor that will be placed in the lightening port or it can also be a possibility that apple might detect the presence of water or any liquid by measuring anomalies or connectivity errors.

The only limitation of this feature is that the warning will popped up only if lightening port will be in working and it seems quite reasonable and logical as well. This warning will help in preventing short circuit till the time power cable or any accessories are connected.

Last month only apple got a patent from USPTO for a liquid resistant “Acoustic device”. Rumor mill were filled with the rumors of apple working on the track to add ruggedness to their offerings in the future devices and the issue of this patent added the fuel to all the rumors of iPhone 7 being water resistant completely.

The patent granted to the apple documented the water resistance not just for the speakers but for the other apertures of the apple’s case as well. Till now apple has not yet proffered any device that are either completely water resistant while its arch rival Samsung has already came up with the smart phone like Galaxy Edge 6 which is water resistant. Though apple has still not offered a complete water resistant iPhone but a software solution in this direction is a quite good step that will definitely save the hundreds of dollars of the users.