New Fuchsia operating system of Google to run on virtually anything

New Fuchsia operating system of Google to run on virtually anything : Most of the Operating System(OS) of Google like Android and Chrome have been functioning on Linux. These operating systems have been able to facilitate majority of the requirements. Now, Google seems to likely to be working on a third operating system.



According to the Google sources and GitHub that New Operating System of Google will be called ‘Fuchsia’. The new operating system of Google, Fuchsia will operate across the wide range of devices all over the world.

The new operating system of Google will make the use of a custom version of Little Kernel called ‘Magenta’. Magenta will be tuned for personal computers and modern phones.

The inner layers of Magenta are based on Little Kernel but the above layers are new. For example, Magenta has the concept of a process but the latter does not. However, a Magenta process is made by L K-level constructs such as threads and memory.

New OS of Google, Fuchsia is also said to make use of Dart programming language of Google, as well as the company’s Material Design-friendly Flutter user interface framework.

We can get to know about this rumored concept by Google. We hear about it, when the developers make it official.