(3rd New Queen) Martina! MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 30th July 2016 Video Kavya & Mia Fight

3rd New Queen Martina! MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 30th July 2016 Video Kavya & Mia Fight :- The love based reality show MTV Splitsvilla 9 has been witnessing two new Wild Card entry and they arrived in the show as Princesses including Mia Lakra and Priya and they had an epic entry in the villa. Here is the MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode is going to be a too rocking.


So tonight MTV Splitsvilla 9 is all set to witness fights between Nikhil Sachdev and with Rajnandini eventually Raj will be turned as Evil Queen on her Queen’s Throne as she will be engaged in some conflict and argument.

As we all know she is an Evil Queen and you can’t expect any kind of mercy from her and it is confirmed. Moreover, Rajnandini and Martina both is the Queen and they had been seen fighting, Raj is cruel so she treated people like the way she treats everyone.

Some Main Points :-

  • Aww Martina steps down from her throne for Varun :*

Aww Martina steps down from her throne for Varun

  • WHAT! Varun and Aditya are dumped! :O

Varun and Aditya are dumped

  • Whom will the queens dump? Any guesses? :O

Whom will the queens dump Any guesses

  • Karan Chabra… 🙁

Karan Chabra…

  • Oops! A little moment! Are you serious Shreeradhe! :/

Oops! A little moment! Are you serious Shreeradhe

The Evil Queen Rajnandini broke many connections in the villa as some of them have to leave Villa as she dumped them. First Queen Martina thinks Rajnandini taking the wrong Advantage of her Throne so she will dare to raise her voice against her.

Now it is crystal clear that Rajnandini is playing an evil game as she is the evil Queen beside Martina who is infamous in the show because of her mischief behaviour.

Queen Martina and Second Queen Raj they are the very different type of queen on the show. With her ill treatment with the fellow participant, Rajnandini is creating havoc in the villa and everybody just wishes to dump her anyway.

When Rajnandini behaves badly with Kavya as well she insults Kavya, Martina found her too rude and she also asked about Raj that she is just ruining the happiness of the show. Anyway, Ranvaijay asked Raj to behave herself as the show is all about love.

In the MTV Splitsvilla, 9 show it will be showcase tonight that will be a special task which is a Solid Words War fight and the show will involve fighting between Nick and Queen Rajnandini.