New Twist! Yeh Hai Mohabatein 23rd July 2016 Episode Written Updates

New Twist! Yeh Hai Mohabatein 23rd July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show stars with Ruhi telling Mani that she is really afraid that her relationship with the Pichu may go on a wrong track if she will stay with his family and she does not want this to happen.


But, Mani explains to her that her relationship with Pihu will not get affected and she doesn’t need to worry about all this as everything will be fine.

Meanwhile, Ishita was listening to all these and after Ruhi went to her room, she joined Mani and thanked him for explaining everything so easily to Ruhi.

She told him that we were trying to explain all these to Ruhi from last month and she was not listening to us but you have done all this so easily.

Then, she told him that, now it is the time for her to leave the house as Shagun is suffering a lot from all these things and I came here just to collaborate the Bhalla family with their beloved daughter Ruhi and if she will stay here for long then, it will create a problem in Shagun’s life.

On the other side, Raman was seen in a club withbMihir and both were talking with the inspector about the Anil Nagpal.

Meanwhile, Mani supported Ishita and told her to leave the house just now as later Raman and Bhalla family will not gonna let her go.

Then, both went for packaging the bag of Ishita and then, both started their way to leave the house. Meanwhile, Ishita was finding g it hard to cross the doorstep of her house.

Mani insisted her and when, she wa about to leave the house, Aditya came there and insisted Ishita to not leave the house.

Ishita accepted his proposal and decided to stay in the  house with his family. On the other side, Mihir finds that Mani’s daughter was drinking with his friend in a bar.

And he notices that his firend put a medicine in her drink , so he hought to stop her from drinking that drink. He did that but later he came to know that boy has only put a headache medicin as Mani’s daughter was suffereing from the headhache.

Then, Raman and Mihir saw Anil Nagpal coming into the club. Raman went to talk him and told him that what a coincidence you are here and Anil told Raman that he is waitig for his wife.

Then, he leave that place and later Raman receives a call from Anil on Ismail’s number and then Police arrived there and caught the Anil Nagpal.

Meanhwile, Ishita was seen with her two sisters Vandu and Mihika and all three os them were seen enjoying a coffee.

Ishita received a acall from Raman as he informed her that Anil Nagpal has been caught. Then, she receive a call from Ismail’s wife and she asked Ishita to visit at her house.

Then, Ishita went to vissit her and she told her to spare his husbnad and ask ishita to forgive her. Ishita replied her that she has never planned to prisoned Ismail.

Then, ismail’s wife told her that Anil and Ismail are working for a lady and that lady is responsible in the kidnapping of Ishita.


Ruhi will be seen telling ishita that” Ishimaa how we will inform Pihu that you are her real mother not Shagun”.

Then, Ishita will smile and wil teall Ruhi that after so many years Ruhi recalled her as Ishimaa.