New updates of WhatsApp Beta 2.17.44 Version adds New Unicode 9 Emojis

New updates of WhatsApp Beta 2.17.44 Version adds New Unicode 9 Emojis :-  The world of internet is filled with thousands of chat messages, text messages and also online microblogging sites exchanging messages. Every social media site has their own instant messaging service. But, the instant messaging service has not the facility of emojis then the service is totally worst.

The emojis are popularly used by millions of users around the globe to send reactions electronically. Now the emojis dominate the world of internet especially to quickly say something without words. These are the quickest and fastest method used by many people to showcase what they think or react accordingly.

There are so many different types of emojis to select from now like happy, sad, celebrations and so on. So the WhatsApp launched the new version with the new emojis. Now WhatsApp 2.17.44 Beta Version has input lots of new various emojis. These are found on the Unicode 9.0 as well as Emoji 4.0.

The search engine giant – Google, in the last year, had proposed to Unicode committee for approval in Android 7.1. For example, some of these are regarding gender equality as well as the profession emojis.

These new added set of emojis including an avocado, a butterfly, glass of whiskey, girl-boy donning a facepalm and shrug etc. There are also bacon emoji, a nauseated face and various profession emojis added such as security guy & security girl, professional in front of an apple laptop and the list goes on and on.

Users can sign up on WhatsApp beta version in order to get this new emojis and start off using them.