Newcastle University Student Jeni Larmour Died After Mixing Alcohol and Ketamine

Newcastle University Student Jeni Larmour Died After Mixing Alcohol and Ketamine:- A student named Jeni Larmour who was just 18 years old died on 3rd October 2022 after consuming drugs and alcohol together she died just after some hours and this news scared the teachers and other students. This news was confirmed by Dr Nigel Cooper a Pathologist who said that she came to Newcastle the previous day and she was with other people in the flat and in the evening she consumed alcohol and it is assumed that she has taken other things which affect her body and she died. Let’s know more about this news in this article.

Newcastle University Student Jeni Larmour Died After Mixing Alcohol and Ketamine

What Happened With Jeni Larmour Newcastle Student?

So, she came to the University just a few hours ago and she had alcohol and some kind of drugs in her body. She came to the university to study the subjects of architecture and urban planning and there she consumed alcohol and when was taken to the doctor. Doctor Nigel Cooper told that she was with her friend in the evening in the flat where she utilized alcohol and a drug. When he test her body and sees the report he found that she had a blood alcohol level of 197 mg per 100 ml and the level of intoxication was also high.

The Dr also said that she had 1.3 mg of Ketamine in her body per litre of blood and that level is considered fatal. This alcohol and drugs together depressed her nervous system and the Ketamine drug also made the cause of her death. The cause of her death is not identified properly as this drug had affected her body and the proper investigation is going on in this case. It’s been said that her friend named Kavir who is 20 years old said that she went to the bar but as she didn’t have any id so she was not allowed to come in and later she bought these things with her.

Tributes To Newcastle Student Jeni Larmour

Her mother is shocked after this incident and said that the legal proceedings have been going by the Crown Prosecution Service she also said that he doesn’t believe that her daughter provided the drugs which killed her and she has vowed to clear her name from this issue. Her father also said that this is a huge loss that happened to them and that her brother will miss her elder sister. We pray her soul gets to rest.

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