Next-Gen Land Rover Development Begins: Discovery Sport 2019 out for Testing

Next-Gen Land Rover Development Begins Discovery Sport 2019 out for Testing, Pictures: – Well, if you are a Land Rover fan this news is for you and I are sure that you all are going to love it. As per the early reports, the new Land Rover Discovery Sport is looking quite awesome and it looks like the new Tata Motors-owned British carmakers are already making fast moves for the new model of Land Rover Discovery Sport for a new upcoming generation. Also, the reports are saying that recently a prototype of what is believed to be the next-gen Land Rover Discovery Sport was spotted testing and it appears to be in the early stages of testing.

Land Rover 2019

We think that this news is going to make you all amazed for sure. Also, the reports are saying that this Discovery Sport is going to replace the Freelander 2 as the company’s most affordable SUV in the market. Right now it is too early to say that this new discovery sports model is going to be affordable or not. Also, the reports are saying that they could launch this new model as soon as possible and some sources are claiming that it could launch at the end of 2019 or early 2020.

Land Rover

Sources are saying that the price could be around Rs 46.86 lakh around. While visually speaking, the new Land Rover Discovery might not look very different from the current model. Also, some sources are saying that there are certain attributes that indicate this is the new Discovery Sport wearing the skin of the current one. Some people are saying that the engine and another inner part might be better because that’s why the company is working on it. Volkswagen Tiguan SUV Launched  Price in India

Also, the remodeling of the fuel cap tells us that it is likely going to be relocated. Also, the exhaust system looks a bit out of the place compared to the rear bumper design, which is another indication the SUV is in the early stages of development and is different under the skin. You can say that the whole product is going to be something else when you get in inside the model of this new Discovery sports.