Niantic ban on third party apps, working on fixing a bug

Niantic ban on third party apps, working on fixing a bug : Niantic has decided to ban all third party apps which are offering Pokemon Go. Today company has offered the explanations that why they have taken this step. This popular Augmented Reality game is launched in the month of July and since then it has been a craze among not just kids but youngsters as well.


Why ban on third party apps?

Many third parties were offering this gaming app but recently Niantic claimed that those apps were made so that one could do the cheating in Pokemon Go. Niantic also added that all their efforts to launch this game in Central and South America failed because their servers were being occupied too much by these third party apps and services. On a blog spot they also posted a picture of their server usage depicting how the usage was before ban and how it declined swiftly after the ban on the all the third party apps and services.

Company also added that these third party apps were not letting them launch their game to the new markets which also resulted in the opportunity cost. Now the Niantic Developer has not just spend time in developing and fixing the apps but they also have to solve the problems arising by these third part apps and services. Company said that it is also worth bringing in attention to all that some of the tools which were being used to scrape off the data by accessing the servers also acted as the platform for bots and cheating and this has negatively impacted all the trainers.

Because of these different motives of- flagrant commercial ventures, enthusiastic fans etc., their servers and game resources has been affected badly. They are now planning to avoid and take action against these hacks but in no time soon these illegitimate activities are going to end.

It is quite disappointing to see that because of this in-valid access, many markets are still deprived of accessing this game which is talk of the town since its launch.

Niantic planning to fix bugs

Lately all the pokemon go players must be noticing few changes like it has become tough to get hold of the Pokemon as they dodge more, hop further and dash harder. To the players utter demise all the low-levels Weedles which players used to catch just for the practice are becoming harder to clasps.

Niantic has been observing all these changes and said that they will soon fix the bugs which are causing these changes. They tweeted today stating that a new bug has been affecting the accuracy of the throw which  in turn increases the odds of escapes. But we will soon fix this bug and stay tuned.