Nicolas Nuno Cause of Death? Fordham Preparatory School Student Killed, Obituary

There is shocking news coming forward related to the death of Nicolas Nuno whose death news is currently running in the trends of the internet and social media pages. His demise news made everyone stunned and shocked. He lost his life in a tragic incident that happen at a Bronx school and he passed away at the age of 15 years. Many of his family members, friends, and loved ones are expressing thier sorrows for his loss. Let us know what happened to him, the cause of his death, and some more information related to his death in this article, so read continuously.

Nicolas Nuno Cause of Death?

According to the sources and reports, a tragic incident happened at a Bronx high school in which a 15-year-old student died while a 16-year-old student was injured brutally. Nicolas lost his life in a fatal stabbing and he was 15 years old at the time of his death. He was fatally stabbed which resulted in his death and one more student was injured in this tragic incident. In a report, it is shared that this tragic incident occurred on Wednesday morning 24 May 2023. The police arrested an 18-year-old student named Abel Cedeno and charged him with murder. He was accused of his murder and attempted murder. Scroll down and continue your reading to know more about this incident.

Nicolas Nuno Cause of Death?

After this stabbing incident, the police began an investigation and shared that this incident happened to be the culmination of the last few weeks of escalating tensions between rival student groups within the institution. The victim’s family and many people are now demanding justice and the arrest of the suspect. The police department has been working to identify the suspect and collect more evidence related to this terrible incident. Currently, not much information is coming out or received from our sources and we will update our article after getting more information related to this terrible incident.

His death news broke the heart of his family, friends, and loved ones. Lots of social media users and individuals have expressed their prayers to the grieving family of his loss. The investigation is ongoing but not much information has been shared related to this tragic incident. However, everything will be clear after the complete investigation. There are many people who are sharing their condolences and supporting his family at this painful moment. Stay tuned to dekhnews.com to read more articles on the latest news topics.

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