Niddhi doubts on Raman! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

In the yesterday night episode of the daily soap “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” it has been shown that Nidhi is shocked to see that Raman changed his phone’s password as Shanaya and it was part of the all planning of the Raman and Shanaya aka Ishita. Nidhi is now sceptical of that perhaps it is Ishita is prestending as the Shanaya.

Niddhi doubts on Raman! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now Nidhi is doubts on the Shanaya that she is making her importance in Raman’s life. So Nidhi is making sure that Raman should not give importance to her.

Suddenly Ashok has been arrived in the Shanaya’s home and Ishita was there with open hairs. So when Ishita notice it that Ashok is on his way, Ishita now rush to the bathroom for preparing for the form of Shanaya. She came out as Shanaya. Nidhi is in doubt why the Bhalla family is behaving so respectfully with Raman.

Now Nidhi shows that she is don’t know anything about Raman and Shanaya. Raman also shows that now she is worried about Shanaya and is going closer to the Shanaya day by day.

Now Shanaya made fun of Ashok. And Raman move out of home. Shagun came to Raman house and Raman shows his false attitude that he is in favour of Nidhi. Shagun said to Santoshi and Ishita’s mom that Raman is in patch up with real Shanaya and Mr. Raichads. Shagun said we need to help Raman and Ishita to resolve this issue and all.

Shagun said that they will welcome Shanaya aka Ishita the function which will be organised specially for the sake of the Ishita. The entire Bhalla family decided to help to Raman. Raman was now packing his bag with clothes and swimming suits and when Nidhi asked him where he is going. Raman said that he is going for a business conference. Nidhi said that she is also want to come with him.

Raman said I am going with Shanaya and the sceptical Nidhi asked why you are packing swimming suits. Raman did an explanation and did all the drama which technically shows to the Nidhi that he is hiding something from Nidhi.
In this Nidhi now decides to follow Raman to find his destinations anyway and Nidhi wants to catch him on the red handed. But this one is the part of the Ishita and Raman in order to expose Nidhi.