Niddhi gets angry on Raman! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series “Yeh Hain Mohabbatein” starts with In the Abhishek is thinking about the Niddhi’s case and decided to have an honest lawyer for her. Raman says this is all the bail and all that are the formalities to take her home. We need to do that right now for the sake of the Ishita aka Shanaya.

Niddhi gets angry on Raman! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now Shagun asks to the Mrs. Bhalla about Shanaya that she is identical look alike of the Ishita, but Ruhi thinks that the Shanaya is her Ishi Maa. Ruhi reminds about the Paranthas. And also Ruhi speaks about the ghost drama which the Ishita and Shagun did to save us. Mrs. Bhalla asks that Shanaya is Ishita and we all know about that but we should not disclose this fact in the front of the Nidhi and Sarika.

Now Mrs. Bhalla tells this to Appa, Bala, Vandu and Mr. Bhalla about this. The entire Bhalla family became happy to know this and they hug each other. While Shravan is worry that Ruhi is unable to keep any secret. But they have to hide this fact from the Nidhi and Sarika unless they will be creating chaos and all that with this.

Now Sooraj says to the Ashok that the Sarika is being insult him as Shanaya slapped Ashok and for this Sarika call him a big looser. And also Sarika show him the video of Shanaya slapping him. He thinks how Shanaya made that video and shouts to see Shanaya for this.
But Ashok talks with this in phone with Shanaya very sweetly, and Shanaya considered Ashok as the pathetic person.

Now the Bhalla family smiles together and have some food all of sudden Nidhi arrived in the hall from her bed room and shocked to see Shanaya is here. Nidhi asked to her why she comes here, Ishita said she come here to meet with Raman and they need to discuss about some business deal.

Raman asked to Nidhi that she can take rest now, Raman will be also coming but right now he is busy discussing about the business deal and all that. Raman is worry and said to Ishita just be careful do not commit any mistake as your any mistake can ruin our plan of the catching Nidhi. Ishita says she is very careful in her job.

Sarika said to Nidhi beware from this Shanaya as she is look alike of the Ishita and she can kick you out from the Raman’s life. Nidhi said she is strong enough to hold Raman and no NRI girl can ruin her life anyway.

In the night Niddhi sees Raman sleeping and speaking Shanaya name. Nidhi gets angry and wakes him up and goes in anger taking his phone. Raman smiles as this was a job – part of his Shanaya drama.