Nigerians are Concerned about the State of President’s Health


Is Mr. Buhari feeling unwell? The question is often asked by people who have spotted his absence from recent governmental meetings. In addition, he hasn’t visited a Friday Pray though the mosque is nearby his office. The fact that the President is 74 cannot help provoking rumors and multiple guesses about his health.

The government is reluctant to reveal the information and feeds the public with general phrases. The cheeky media ventures to enter the State House in order to find out more on the issue. However, the attempt was not successful as the reporter was forced to leave the building by the security officer.

The representatives of Mr. Buhari try not to talk about the case with the reporter. They have probably chosen the strategy “the power of actions over words”. It must have been the reason for cancelling the reporter’s ban on visiting meetings in the State House, interviewing people etc.

The incident proves the fact that it is getting more difficult to conceal the truth from Nigerians. According to Naij Nigeria, in March Mr. President came back from treatment in the UK. He mentioned in passing that he hadn’t felt so sick in his life. In addition, he dropped a hint about having a blood transfusion. They say, doctors would come from the United Kingdom to Nigeria to treat the governor. However, the latter hasn’t got an official confirmation.

Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information, reported that the President hadn’t attended a cabinet meeting following an advice of doctors. That is why Mr. Buhari is going to take work over his place. He asked for documents calling for his approval to be sent to his residence.

The citizens of Nigeria hope that the President will get better. A lot of challenges need to be tackled in order to improve the economic situation in the country.