Nikki Allan Cause of Death? Girl Stabbed 37 Times in Abandoned Warehouse

Truth reveals itself may be it takes a long time sometimes. A horrifying case opened after around 30 years for the trial of the alleged accused after it was revealed that the DNA of the accused was found in multiple areas on the clothing of a young girl who was killed. A recent update about a murder case that occurred 30 years ago has come to the light now. It has been reported that a brutal murder happened in Sunderland, UK. It has been reported that a seven years old girl was found dead in a worn-out building near her home in Sunderland in October 1992. Recent investigations of the case have frightened the people. Go through the whole article to know more about the horrifying case.

Nikki Allan Cause of Death?

Modern scientific testing has found the DNA of David Thomas Boyd on her clothes. It has been reported that Nikki Allan,7 was founded dead in an abandoned building in Sunderland in October 1992. Reports tell that girl was stabbed 37 times in an abandoned warehouse. After 30 years, as the case reopened a few years back, the pieces of evidence are pointing towards David Thomas Boyd, 55, who had been living in the same block of flats. Now it has been revealed by an intensive investigation that the accused lied about his movements at that time. The accused was presenting himself as very innocent and another innocent man was under suspicion. However, the latter was proven innocent. People are curious to know about the findings of the police.

Nikki Allan Cause of Death?

Richard Wright KC, prosecutor of the case told the jury that “Over thirty years ago, on the night of Oct 7, 1992, a little girl called Nikki Allan was lured away from the block of flats in which she lived and down towards the River Wear in Sunderland. The man who led her away took her into an area of wasteland behind a disused building. The alleged accused then stabbed the little girl to death. It has been also reported that the accused’s girlfriend was a babysitter for the girl many times during that time. The horrifying news has stunned the people and spread rage against the accused David Thomas Boyd.

All the indications are against David Boyd as also he was able to describe the layout of the area even after 30 years. Many other signs are revealing the truth of the brutal incident of 1992. The case is going to be investigated in the coming days. People are looking for more details of the case. We will be back to you as we got the latest developments in the case. Stay tuned………….

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