Nimmi Insulted Riya! Mere Angne Mein 26th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last episode of the TV series “Mere Angne Mein” showcased that Rajender raised his voice by saying you guys insulted Riya and her dad, and Rajinder also said that Riya’s dad wants Riya and Shivam to have mutual divorce and Shivam is shocked and angry to know that Riya want divorce from him.

Nimmi Insulted Riya! Mere Angne Mein 26th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now angry Shivam said, to the Rajinder that Riya wants divorce, fine I am going to divorce her. Just give me the divorce paper and Shivam sings it and now Shivam asked Rajinder to leave. Kaushalya now cried with the news.

In the mean time, Riya is praying to god in the temple as she doesn’t want to have divorce from Shivam. Her friend asks her to go for movie to have some mind refreshing and Riya gives her nod. But much before that Riya wants to call Shivam and when she call Shivam, Shivam shouted at her and said that it is good Riya, because of you my family and me put in problem and now you are showing me tantrum.

You want divorce from me, so I sign the divorce paper which you sent Riya, Shivam said, Riya is shocked and sad to know so. Now it’s your turn Riya to sign the same, Shivam added further. Now Riya started crying and breakdown in the tears as Shivam also said her that Shivam hates her from the core of his hearts.

Now even Nimmi insulted Riya when Riya meets with her and Nimmi said it is because of you today my life has been ruin. I will never forgive you, Riya said sorry to Preeti but all goes in vain as Nimmi still believe that because of Riya her life has been ruin and she do not want to now remember her marriage with Vyom.

Now when Riya was sitting in her home sad, Shanti and Sarla come there. Firstly Riya became happy to see them as Riya thought that they come to take Riya but it is Shanti insulted Riya by saying that she wants to get free from Riya.

Shanti asked to the Riya that we got divorce papers by obeying you. Riya and Anupam get shocked. Shanti asks Riya to sign and free Shivam. And Shanti also said to Riya neither she nor Shivam now wants to stay with Riya in the marital relationship anymore. Riya cries now after listening to the Shanti’s words.