Nipah virus claims two more lives in Kerala, death toll rises to 16

Nipah virus claims two more lives in Kerala, death toll rises to 16: In the deadly Nipah virus in Kerala, 2 more persons succumbed to, taking the death toll to 16 even as another person was tested positive in Kozhikode, a health official told same.

On Wednesday night, Akihil Karasserry (28) and Madusudhanan (56) died in Kozhikode Medical College Hospital.

Initially, both displays some symptoms of recovery, but eventually, their condition deteriorated, the official said, adding that both can have contracted the infection from the hospital.

Another person admitted in the hospital was also tested positive, that is raising fresh concerns about the viral occurrence.

Now 3 people infected and nine others with symptoms are in the hospital also.

Dr R L Saritha, the State health director, said the state is yet to get any information about the demised of an army man suspected to have died of Nipah infection in Kolkata.

Seenu Prasad (28) was on one-month leave in Kerala before joining his duty on May 13, Army, a spokesman said.

In Kolkata, his body was cremated, and his fluids were sent to the National Institute of Virology in Pune for the further examination.

The death of Akihil triggered concerns as he was not in the contact list prepared by the health department. He was also not from the area where the infection was reported.

Though, some of his relatives said he visited the medical college hospital recently in order to meet a relative of his friend.

At what time, the state was trying hard to surround the outbreak, the arrival of south-west monsoon also bring more worries.

The health department has decided to broaden the list of those under observation.

Due to, the most of them have been confined to their homes, the government has determined to give them free ration and sustenance persistence and permitting.