Nitin Gadkari: New Gurugram-Mumbai Expressway Work will finish in 3 Years

Nitin Gadkari: New Gurugram-Mumbai Expressway Work will finish in 3 Years: Well, the very great news is coming straight for the people who are looking for the highway between Gurugram to Mumbai. Yes! You are reading it right a  new expressway connecting Gurugram with Mumbai passing through the country’s two most backward districts going to be out soon. Also, you should expect Mewat in Haryana and Dahod in Gujarat in the next three years. This news is confirmed by the highways minister Nitin Gadkari who already announced this project earlier and it will cost 60,000 Crores.

Nitin Gadkari: New Gurugram-Mumbai Expressway Work will finish in 3 Years

You all should know that this expressway will reduce the existing distance of 1,450 km by road to 1,250 km and with good limited speed, anyone can complete it in 12 hours. Also, currently that same journey through NH-8 takes around 24 hours at least. Even, the minister Gadkari said the work on this stretch will start by December and will be completed in the next three years. You all should know that will surely going to decrease the travel time. Also, the sources are claiming that expressway will begin from Rajiv Chowk in Gurugram.

Also, the Gadkari said the work for the Vadodara-Surat stretch of the expressway has been awarded and the tenders for the Surat-Mumbai stretch will be out soon. Also, he added that “This entire expressway will bring development to the undeveloped regions and hinterland in Rajasthan, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh to spur growth and some backward areas will also shine like Gurugram. Industrial and commercial development will generate jobs. We are now looking at building highways on new alignment rather than just expanding the existing stretches to decentralize development.”

Some sources are saying that Delhi-Mumbai expressway will provide connectivity to the proposed Chambal Expressway and a dozen more cities. Also, it will connect you with so many cities and that’s great. Some including cities are Jaipur, Kota, Sawai Madhopur, Ujjain, Godhra, and Ahmedabad. Also, some people are saying that a proposal is under the hood currently for the high-speed rail corridor along the Gurugram-Vadodara stretch.