No-confidence motion: BJP to move privilege motion against Rahul Gandhi for ‘misleading’ Parliament

No-confidence motion: BJP to move privilege motion against Rahul Gandhi for ‘misleading’ Parliament: The BJP will be all set to move a privilege motion against Rahul Gandhi, a senior minister Ananth Kumar stated the same on Friday; post the Congress president delivered a scathing critique of the central government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech, which he delivered in the Parliament.

No-confidence motion updates: Rahul calls PM’s speech weak, TDP finds it disappointing as NDA sails through no-trust vote with 325 votes

“BJP MPs will move a privilege motion against Rahul Gandhi for putting forth falsehood and misleading the Parliament,” said Ananth Kumar, and he is the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs.

“His behavior was childish. He has grown old but it is unfortunate that he has not grown up. It is unfortunate that the president of Congress is so ill-informed and immature,” the minister added further.

Speaking in support of a no-confidence motion which was also the main debate in the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi attacked the government on more than a few policies and issues, which provoked angry protests from the treasury benches when brought up the Rafale deal.

this evening because PM Modi will reply to the debate post which it will be put to vote. The government is expected to sail through but wants to demonstrate brute strength by defeating the no-confidence motion by two-thirds of the vote.

In the early hours of the debate, cheer arrived in the government’s way when a senior AIADMK leader said the party will vote for the government which will be against the Opposition’s motion. If the AIADMK delivers on that promise, this can help the BJP-led government get to its two-thirds win target, but some further reports said that the Tamil Nadu party is divided.

V Maitreyan, the AIADMK spokesperson told Hindustan Times that his party’s 37 MPs will vote to support the government, but there is no confirmation of the same whether all of them are present in the Lok Sabha to vote today or not.

If all the party’s MPs vote against the motion, the government can have 331 votes. One more than is required for the two-thirds, which the effective strength of the House down after the Biju Janata Dal (BJD) and Shiv Sena said they will not debate or vote today.

This morning, Minutes previous to, the TDP’s Jayadev Galla moved the no-confidence motion; the Biju Janata Dal walked out of the Lok Sabha, stating that today’s discussion is immaterial for Odisha, the state it rules. Post Not long, the BJP’s oldest ally and the most disgruntled, the Shiv Sena said its MPs were staying away both from the debate on the motion and the vote at the end of it.

With the BJD’s 19 and the Shiv Sena’s 18 staying away, which is touted as the effective strength of the house – current strength 533 – was down to 496, with halfway at 249 seats and the BJP’s two-thirds target at 330. The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance has 312 MPs, brought down to 294 by the Shiv Sena boycott, which permit the party to record again its sulk and embarrass the BJP.

The TDP was a BJP ally till earlier this year of 2017 but broke ties over the center not accepting its demand for special status to Andhra Pradesh, that is regarded as the state the party rules.