UP police issues a notice to Nodia workplaces to ensure no namaz in park

UP police issues a notice to Nodia workplaces to ensure no namaz in park: The Uttar Pradesh Police has asked enterprises and workplaces in Noida’s industrial hub to make sure that their staffs don’t offer namaz in open public places as well as parks. According to a notice which was issued by the Sector 58 police station stated that firms positioned in the industrial area will be held accountable. If Muslim staffs are found contributing in namaz at open public places. They have been requested to offer Friday holy rites for the period of work hours in mosques, idgahs or inside the properties of the firm.

Noida namaz order: If Muslims can’t pray in parks, will UP police ensure no puja pandals come up on public property?


  • Corporations in Noida’s industrial areas are requested to make sure workers don’t offer namaz in open public areas.
  • Workers have been asked to offer Friday holy rites in mosques, idgahs or enterprise properties
  • Previously appeal to city judicial officer for approval to offer prayers in park was declined.

The notice also remarks that a prior appeal to the city judicial officer asking for approval to offer holy rites in park was degenerated.

The newest enlargement comes close on the heels of an Allahabad High Court pronouncement on December 20, refusing an appeal looking for approval to offer namaz at the uncertain location in Ayodhya.

The High Court also executed a fine of Rs 5 lakh on the requester, saying the plea was filed for cheap publicity.

Many politicians, especially the rivals’ political parties against BJP raised their voices against BJP claiming that this new notice is against their religion and they are creating discrimination amongst the people of our nation.

In February 2018, a Muslim cleric in Lucknow shifted the scheduling of the Friday namaz holy rites by an hour during Holi to elude any clash with celebrators. He pleased others to do the same.

In May 2018, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said namaz should be recited in mosques or idgahs as an alternative of public places.

Khattar said that “incidents of namaz being offered in the open have increased”. Namaz should be read in a masjid or an idgah, and if short of space, they should read it in their private spaces”

He further added “There’s no problem if there is no objection from the public, but if a group or a person objects, one has to take note. We’ll keep an eye on the issue”.

In November 2018, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) expelled Muslims from contributing namaz at the mosque at the Taj Mahal sites on all days apart from Fridays.

In December 2018, the Allahabad High Court on December 20 prohibited an appeal looking for permission to offer ‘namaz’ at the undecided location in Ayodhya.

At the present, the Uttar Pradesh Police has requested corporations and workplaces in Noida’s industrial hub to make sure that their employees don’t offer namaz in open public areas, comprising parks.