Noida Techie Dies of Heart Attack After Spat With Traffic Cop

Noida Techie Dies of Heart Attack After Spat With Traffic Cop :- Ever since the new Motor Vehicles Act is implemented, we are getting so much news regarding it mostly for wrong reasons, such as people getting high fine amounts for just even minor violations.

Noida Techie Dies of Heart Attack

Now, a latest news is grabbing everyone’s attention as a Noida man has alleged that his 35-year-old son died of a heart attack after he was pulled over by the traffic police over a suspected violation.

The Noida Police said that the incident took place in Ghaziabad on Sunday evening as well as the traffic police personnel who are involved in it were from that district.

His 65-year-old father, Moolchand Sharma, alleged that the traffic cops stopped their Ritz car or checking near the CISF Cut.

The 35-year-old deceased worked at a software company and was a diabetic. He was in his car with his elderly parents when the traffic policemen stopped him for checking his car near the CISF Cut, as per to the officials.

The father of the deceased alleged “misbehaviour by the traffic police” in the name of checking under the “stricter new Motor Vehicles Act”.

The father said in a statement, “There has to be a way for anything. It is fine that traffic rules have been changed. One (police) should be polite and ask somebody to pull their vehicle over for inspection. It wasn’t a case of rash driving or anything. There were two elderly people sitting inside the car, yet they hit the car with batons… This is no way of checking. I don’t think there’s any rule that allows it,”

“The man in the white uniform who had come for inspection did not appear someone of a very high rank or someone authorized to check all these things,” a video clip allegedly shows him saying.

He also said that the officials from Sector 58 police station in Noida approached him on Monday. “I would not have to see this day had the traffic policemen spoken softly. I have lost my young son, my 5-year-old granddaughter has lost her father,” he told them.

The man then said, “I don’t know who is going to look after her, take care of her in future. I am 65 already. Who would raise her and fulfil her basic needs,”

Other than that he also expressed hope that Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath would bring him “justice”.

In the meantime, the Noida Police said it came to know of the incident through a media report and now they are going to carry out an internal inquiry.

Gautam Buddh Nagar Senior Superintendent of Police Vaibhav Krishna said on this matter, “After inquiry it came to light that the deceased was prima facie diabetic in nature and he died due to heart attack. The place of incident was near CISF Cut in district Ghaziabad. It happened at around 6 pm,”

He then further added, “The information has been conveyed to the Ghaziabad Police,”