Nomination Special With Salman Khan! Bigg Boss 9 9th Nov 2015 Episode Written Updates

Nomination Special With Salman Khan! Bigg Boss 9 9th Nov 2015 Episode Written Updates : Tonight in the television reality shows “Bigg Boss 9” nomination to take place which will be literally taking place in front of the host Salman khan. Everybody needs to give a proper reason. Tonight episode of will be starting with some conflicts between the wildcard entry Rishabh with some of his house-mates. His tantrums will be into the limelight once again.

Nomination Special With Salman Khan! Bigg Boss 9 9th Nov 2015 Episode Written Updates

Bigg Boss 9 9th November 2015 Episode

He will be fighting with Kishwar intentionally as last week he also had an ugly spat with her. Eventually, Kishwar’s boyfriend Suyyash has a tiff with Rishabh when he brings the food inside the bedroom. They tell him that he is not allowed to eat food in the bedroom despite the captain of the house. However, Rishabh refuses to listen to them and drops some food, later asking Prince to clean it up.

Kishwar and Suyyash denied Prince from cleaning the house bedroom. Let see what happen next.

It will be also shown in the tonight episode that Mandana will be cooking the food as Aman use too much of oil. Tonight episode Mandana will be having a friendly conversation with Puneet and she will be making many things clear in front of him. She will be discuss about her life with Puneet and she will be also discussing about his life.

AMAN: he says Kishwar has anger and doesnt listen to anyone, he nominates KISHWAR. he says Suyyash is man but doesnt take stand and have no brains, all decisions are taken by Kishwar in their relationship, Suyyash is women and Kishwar in man in their relation, he nominates SUYYASH.

SUYYASH: he says Puneet is still in past that he is star and all, Salman says he has talent but didnt get work so he has frustration, he nominates PUNEET, he says Rochelle is changing priorities, he nominates ROCHELLE.

RIMI: she says nominates ROCHELLE as she over reacts, she nominates AMAN as she doesnt understand him.

ROCHELLE: she nominates PUNEET as he doesnt listen anyone. she nominates RIMI and says its high time she should go, i felt bad for Yuvika today.

RISHAB: he nominates ROCHELLE and says she is two faced, he nominates RIMI and says i didnt expect that she would be involved in spitting too.

PRINCE: he says i get negative vibes from Puneet, he nominates PUNEET and says Aman doesnt talk to anyone himself, he nominates AMAN.

DIGANGANA: she says i know what my parents are thinking but Puneet was trying to manipulate me, she nominates PUNEET. she nominates AMAN and says i dont understand him, Salman hugs her, she says i didnt spat in food, he says spit*, she says yes.

PUNEET: he nominates KISHWAR and says she is main culprit behind everything. he nominates DIGANGANA and says she didnt listen to me what her mother said to me.

KISHWAR: she nomintes PUNEET for his weird behavior. she nominates ROCHELLE and says she fluctuate alot.

MANDANA: she nominates RIMI and says she is boring and not interesting, all she want to do is to sit all the time. she nominates KISHWAR and says its very bad quality to spit in food.

Contestants Get Nominated Today







She will be explaining why he comes across as an arrogant individual and why his statement about Digangana’s grandmother came across as an emotional blackmail. Adding that even Salman Khan must have not liked his approach, Mandana points out that what he should have said instead.

Anyway, this is I talk about the tonight drama of the house but the thing is the nomination which will be done in a unique way. Everybody have to put a knife in the photos of the person which is putted in a round shape thing and that is sticks to wall.

Bigg boss has given chance to nominated inmates, all the nominated inmates will have to tell their biography and give reasons why they deserve to stay on the house to other inmates, out of all the nominated contestants, one of them, will get a chance to get safe, The non-nominated members will then vote for their preferred contestants and whosoever attains most votes will get SAFE.

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