North Carolina: 8th Grader Dies By Suicide 2 Days into New School Year

There is shocking news coming forward related to the death of an 8th-grade student who died by committing suicide two days into going through her new school year. This news is making headlines on the news channels and lots of people are paying attention to this news channel. She was a little child and her death is creating a great buzz. Her family members are completely broken down due to her demise and there is an investigation is also ongoing. Let’s discuss all the details related to her death such as what happened to her and know more about herself in this article.

8th grader dies by suicide 2

The deceased is identified as Kallie Fagg and she was an 8th-grader at Southeastern Stokes Middle School. Her death news was confirmed by the school and her father is expressing thier sorrow for her loss. She died just two days into the 2023-24 school session year by suicide and her death news is making headlines on the internet sites. She was a beloved student and the lovely child in her family who are now expressing thier sadness for her loss. She committed suicide on 30 August 2023 and her death is heartbreaking news for her family and loved ones.  However, no exact details have been shared yet.

North Carolina

After this incident, the police authorities began an investigation and shared some details. She was 13 years old at the time of her demise and she tragically took her own life. Her father shared a statement in which he said that “he believes the reason behind her daughter was bullying in the school and it plays an important role behind her demise”. The school community said that the staff and the students would help the authorities to complete this investigation. It was the first week of school and it was a great loss for the school.

Presently, this news is running on various social media platforms and it left a void. Lots of people are expressing their sadness for her loss and supporting her family at this painful moment. It is said that the reason behind her demise may be bullying in the school. The exact details of her death’s surrounding circumstance is still unknown and not many details have been shared. Her funeral is scheduled to take place on 9 September 2023 at the First Christian Church of Walnut Cove. Her death is a shockwave for the community who are expressing thier sorrows. Stay linked to to get more articles on daily news.

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