Notice To Bharti Airtel Against Fastest 4G Network Ever

Notice To Bharti Airtel Against Fastest 4G Network Ever : The most enormous and most trending update for news and technology has just arrived to the platforms of news arenas. The leading mobile network company of India which is well known by bits name and services is now under controversies and hassles for advertising that they are the best and fastest network provider ever.

Notice To Bharti Airtel Against Fastest 4G Network Ever

Notice To Bharti Airtel Against Fastest 4G Network

Bharti Airtel is claiming that they they the fastest mobile network provider and provides fastest 4G network. They posted many advertisement in market like on Holdings, TV, Radio stations and others in order to grace up their service facility and in order to raise their sales and customers.

The ASCI (Advertising Standard Council Of India) order to Airtel, states, “The claim in the ad, ‘Airtel 4G is the fastest network ever’ and ‘If your network is faster, we will pay your mobile bills for life’, is misleading consumers and other population who is in the absence of appropriate disclaimers in the print, TV, [and] hoarding advertisements. We have advised and informed the Advertiser to withdraw or to modify appropriately the said advertisement before 7 October 2015 or seek a review of the decision. If you continue to see the advertisement after the due date, kindly bring the same to our notice.”

The notice made a shocking awareness in the community of Airtel and it also effected the consumers of Airtel services. News like this can make a consumer to remove his relief and this can also go to diminish the popularity of Bharti Airtel if this matter will turn to a legal issue.

After getting notice for this concerned authorities of Bharti Airtel took some steps and gave some of their views and grievances on that. One of them is given below which was said by a spokesperson of Airtel.

“Our advertising campaign revolves around the 4G promise of fastest internet speeds and features a set of claims that are based on rigorous test conditions,”

Airtel gave their words in favour of ASCI and users that they will lead to a positive resolution of this problem.