Novak Djokovic Loses To Sam Querrey In Upset At Wimbledon

The biggest event of Wimbledon has been underway and it has already witnessed many breathtaking moments. But the most surprisingly moment arrived when Sam Querrey defeated the Novak Djokovic.


Novak Djokovic is the four-time Grand Slam winner and he also holds the record of winning the 30 straight match. This defeat of Djokovic came to surprise to many people as Sam Querrey is ranked No 44 and fans are not digesting that how World No 1 can taste the defeat.

Djokovic had lost its last match at the 2014 Wimbledon and now he recently tasted the defeat against the No 44 ranked player. Novak, himself was very disappointed in that defeat and was seen upset in the after match presentation.

When one of the reporters asked him that how does he feel after this defeat? He replied that” I am quite disappointed but Sam Querrey deserve to win and he is happy for him”.

Apart from these words, Novak said nothing and even a child can recognise the upset that Novak was feeling and not him only even all the people in the court on that day was completely stunned by this defeat of Novak nd when he was leaving the field there was complete silence on the court.

On the other side, Sam Querrey was on the another planet with this win against the one of the greatest of the tennis world. He recently been caught in an exclusive interview with a reporter and when he was asked about this win, he replied that” I had never imagined about this win but I am feeling great and it’s great to register this win at the Wimbledon”.

Sam also mentioned that he was very relaxed before the match as he was doing dinner with his family, friends, and girlfriend.

Well , this match ahs been recorded in the history book and it is expected that this year’s Wimbledon may bring more records in the history book.

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