Now Common Man has the Right to kill Criminal says Haryana DGP

Now Common Man has the Right to kill Criminal says Haryana DGP : Haryana D.G.P presented a shocking statement and said that common has the rights to take criminal’s life. We will show you his video. He is a Director General of Haryana Police. Everyone is shocked to listen to some of the controversial statement that he made today.


KP Singh added that common man should understand their responsibility in society. It is not only police duty to look at the criminal activities. They should too aware about the crimes and suspected people in their area.

They should inform police if they saw any criminal activity in their area. Well, Director General of Haryana Police shocked everyone if someone burns someone’s house than he has the full right to kill him.

“If anyone insult a woman or tries to kill a person than the common has full rights to take the criminal’s life.
He gave a statement a day after four members of a family were killed and another injured in a clash.

Two groups Utavad village clashed. In this clash, a man opened fire who is suspected to be a suspended Haryana police personnel.He was alleged to shot there. This sire shot incident happened on Wednesday, and someone from one group passed some “objectionable” comments on a woman.

DGP K.P Singh made his statement after this incident.But his statements are controversial. KP Singh said that people should kill that person who disrespects a woman.

They should kill the eve-teasers. The common man has all the rights to protect themselves from the criminals. KP Singh said that common man should understand their role. Police are always there for their for their help, but they should not quit when they saw any illegal activities.

Well, he made some statements which are good, but he should not say to take law in their hands. Stay tuned with us for more updates and information.