NRL completes its first model village project

NRL completes its first model village project :- Numaligarh Refinery Limited has officially completed its unique model village at Gandhigaon near Khumtai in Golaghat yesterday, in a new concept of direct level through its activities.

The development plan for Gandhigaon was successfully executed to turn this backward Upper Assam village in Golaghat district into a model village.

Under NRL, work was done in three main sections – sanitation, drinking water as well as alternative energy home solar systems and street lighting system, besides construction of a community home with many facilities.

By NRL DGM Pankaj Kumar Barua and Senior AK Bhattacharya, the project found that the villagers were at the mercy of water-borne diseases. Therefore, a reverse osmosis plant was installed.The plant with the RO house was completed and commissioned in a record eight weeks.

The villagers must pay a token monthly fee to the VDC for its maintenance.

The project was implemented by the Nanda Talukdar Foundation as it found that the basic facilities were inadequate in many villagers’ homes. In all, 76 toilets were completed and handed over in five months’ time.

Two street lighting systems were completely installed and located in the village.

It goes without saying that all the interventions strengthened the rural community and has inspired them to improve their lives as well as modernise their village in a professional manner.

A Community House with several new facilities was also constructed as part of this.