Odisha Bali Yatra 2018 Cuttack Festival Fair Celebrations Images, Wishes, Status & Pictures

Odisha Bali Yatra 2018 Cuttack Festival Celebrations Images, Wishes, Status & Pictures: Bali Yatra which literally means A Voyage to Bali. Bali Yatra is held in the eastern state of India, Odisha (Orissa). This day is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Kartik and according to Hindu Lunar calendar it is considered to be the most fortunate month of the year. In English Calendar it is held on the month of October and November. This year Bali Yatra is celebrated from 4th November to 10th November 2018.

Bali Yatra 2018- 4th November to 10th November Fair

Conventionally, Bali Yatra signifies the conclusion of all the religious festivals which are held in the month of Kartik. On this day, pictures, sculpture and Images of Karthikeswar are worshiped and after that it is immersed in the water of Mahanadi River which is near the Shiva Temple. The Fair is held on the banks of Mahanadi River in the fort area of Cuttack city in order to mark the closing of the month of Karthik.

Rituals of Bali Yatra

There are many rituals which are followed on this day but one of the rituals which are followed to give tribute to ancient sailors of the region is practiced the most. In order to give tribute, men, women and children dress up in traditional costumes and float artificial boats which are made of paper, coloured paper, cork and banana tree barks in the river and water tanks.

There is also a famous tradition where people light small lamps in the hollow of the boat which is called Boita Bandana. Apart from the tradition it also gives an astonishing sight to the visitors as the scene of several boats lit with lamps moving in the river.

Historical Traces of Bali Yatra

According to the Folktales, the day of Kartik Purnima is reflected very lucky by the traders of Odisha (Orissa), who are known as Sadhabas. As this day was very fortune to undertake a journey to detached lands basically the islands of Bali, Java, Sumatra, Borneo and Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

Attractions on Bali Yatra

Orissa is a state famous for its culture and vivacity, which brightens during this festival of Bali Yatra. On this day local people and tourists from far places gather here during the festival to observe the culture of Orissa. The Festival of Bali Yatra has increased enormous importance from past years. The government of Orissa also organizes various tours and packages during the Bali Yatra festival for the tourists in order to give tourists an overall touch and look of the state culture and lushness.

Bali Yatra Fair

On the Festival of Bali Yatra, a majestic fair is organized where people can eat, play games, ride swings, buy goods and so on. The fair displays a great variety of goods and accessories for trade. There are numerous of arrangements which are made by the government like boating for the visitors which has slowly arose as a great attraction for the tourist and local visitors.