Odisha – Six-year-old Girl Saves Her Friend From The Attack of Crocodile

Odisha – Six-year-old Girl Saves Her Friend From The Attack of Crocodile :- A six-year-old girl is in news as in her remote village in Kendrapara district she just displayed her extreme courage to save her friend from the attack of a deadly hungry crocodile. The name of the survivor is Basanti Dalai, a class I student of a government primary school in Bankuala village is now in a government hospital and undergoing treatment.

Six-year-old Girl Saves Her Friend

On thinking about the brutal experience only she says thanks to her schoolmate Tiki Dalai and also she gives her the credit that only she actually saves her from the crocodile attack. The victim sustained but there are multiple wounds on her hand and thigh but the doctor said that she is out of danger now.

At the time of this horrific incident both the girls were taking bath in a pond in the village when suddenly a crocodile attacked Basanti and the little girls did not even realise anything.

However, Basanti gets survived as her schoolmate picking up a bamboo stick and beat the crocodile on the animal’s head constantly only to save her friend. The reptile which had clung onto the victim was jolted suddenly left the girl because of the attack of bamboo and the girl sleep down.

By this Tiki saves Basanti and now she deserves praise for the brave act and because of Tiki today is Basanti saves. A local resident Pradip Kumar Das narrates the total story to the various media.

“The attack was so sudden that I had little time to react. The stick lying near the pond saved my friend,” Tiki, who showcased her bravery narrates the story.

The state Forest department bears the cost of the entire and total treatment of the injured girl who saves from the crocodile attack.

Besides the department would also award compensation to the injured victim and her family as per revised rules also receives support. The family said to the Divisional Forest Officer, Rajnagar Mangrove (wildlife) Forest Division, Bimal Prasanna Acharya.

Forest officials said to various media regarding the news that “Forest department has taken several measures to save human and domesticated animals from preying crocs. Over two dozen riverside spots were identified as danger zones due to the frequent sighting of reptiles in these places. The warning has been issued to people to avoid these troubled water zones. The bathing ghats which are vulnerable due to crocodile intrusion have been barricaded”.