Oh Teri! Varun Dhawan In, Abhishek Bachchan Out from Dostana 2

Oh Teri! Varun Dhawan In, Abhishek Bachchan Out from Dostana 2 :- After the hit jodi of Abhi and Jhon, Is this the time to Abhi get replaced? Jhon who already said he will love to do Dostana 2,3,4,5,6.. Varun Dhawan and Jhon Abraham’s are teamed up for the first time in the upcoming release Dishoom which makes a classic pair of two hot studs and the solo hottie Jacqueline just added spice to the movie. Basically, the movie revolves around two cops who are searching an abducted Indian player.


Apart from the film, while a recent interview, Varun said he will love to be teamed up with Jhon in Dostana 2. Dostana showcased John and Abhishek Bachchan in leading roles and had a memorable scene where the Dhoom actor was carrying trunks on the beach. An alike scene is there in Dishoom with Varun and John in trunks and the Dilwale actor says the duo will look great in Dostana 2.

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“If they were still casting for Dostana 2 He thinks John and him would be a solid combo as well. But we have given that flash in Dishoom with that scene so fans will have lots to appreciate it,” Varun told PTI when asked if he would like to star in the sequel.

The 29-year-old actor says his chemistry with John in the movie shows how they are in real life, that is, much pleasant and good-humored with each other.

“They are very great and chilled out… John is a really easy guy. He is way senior to him, much older to him, but he never let him feel like that. Varun felt very comfortable with him. He never made him feel like Jhon was the senior. they were on back-slapping terms, he could’ve pushed him, hit him, Varun had that equation with him so acting became very easy for him.”

Varun, who worked in several genres of movies in 2015 ranging from SOTY, Badlapur, ABCD 2 and Dilwale, says he wants Dishoom to work well to hold up the momentum.

Dishoom is slated to be released on July 29.