OMG! Is Windows Phone gonna die? Top most apps that won’t work

OMG! Is Windows Phone gonna die? Top most apps that won’t work :- Window’s operating phones did create a buzz at the starting years of their launch but it looks like the craze is dying slow death. Till now Windows has been the host of new apps but there are other app developers as well who are pulling out their apps from this platform. This should not be a surprise because it looks like even Microsoft is uncertain about the future of this platform.


Is Windows Phone gonna die?

Hitherto Microsoft has revealed the data showcasing the decline in the revenues generated from this windows platform. According to these reports, the revenue of windows platform has declined 71% but the company has still maintained the silence over the number of units sold by them.

Windows phones faced the tragedy when handsets like Lumia 950 and 950 XL failed to mark their presence in the mobile market in terms of the number of units sold and hence forcing the company to not to launch any handset in the year 2016.

There are rumors that suggest that company will now be focusing an entirely new segment i.e Surface Phones. Microsoft will be doing this so that they can recover the loss and can generate the revenues. Company is planning to launch this device in the year 2017 which affirms the fact which all the reports were stating that company is not going to deliver any offering at least for this year.

Though company might not be working on any handset this year but it is very sure that Microsoft will unveil an update called as “Windows Anniversary update” on 2nd august. This update will aim to add on some enhanced features to window based phones.

Company is leaving no stones unturned to make the windows phone hot choice for the customers and this is the reason why they came up with enhancement like Edge touch navigation gesture, cortana updates in order to make windows 10 operating phones more appealing than any iOS or android based phone.

But even after these advancements many developers who think that there is no growth in being collaborated with Window based smart phones have parted their ways. Recent example of this is Paypal which has decided to discontinue their window based app from 25th of July. After 25th windows based smart phones will be able to access this app only through their web browsers.

Another big name in the list is Amazon who doesn’t want to cater to windows phone. Though rumors suggest that Amazon might be working on a universal app for Windows 10 but company has not provided any official details regarding the same.

Tumblr also pulled itself out from this platform in the month of February after launching their app in 2013. But there are some loyal developers who still stick to windows platform like even after Bank of America pulled their app out of the platform but they returned with the universal app hence surprising many people.

It would be worth watching that what is going to be the next move of the Microsoft whether it is still going to focus on bringing the app first to their platform and not on the rival platform or company might be working on some innovative idea to regenerate the magic of windows platform.