OMG! Sridevi gets attention with her ‘enhanced’ self!

OMG! Sridevi gets attention with her ‘enhanced’ self : !OOPs! The Bollywood star Sridevi gets to try something new to grabs the attentions. The glamor Sridevi is giving the looks like Kim Kardashian a break for her money.

Sridevi grabs attention with her unusually ‘enhanced’ self!

So she has given a snout position is not a strongly defended puzzle. Maybe she has further made a rim work to see delicious and presently operating by those observed Bollywood past command queen appears to have become herself cosmetically.

Sridevi grabs attention with her unusually ‘enhanced’ self

Extremely critical so that she is grasping concentration in a jiffy externally shooting her…..well superstardom pass. Sridevi was detected lately with her husband Boney Kapoor at an adventure and the spectators were going ooh and aah! by the vision of Sri’s heightened self.

Sridevi grabs attention with her unusually ‘enhanced’ selfie

Sridevi was seen wearing a top with that color is brown slacks which were holding Sri’s curvy shape. The pink pins. the lovely shaded hair and the libations fixed on her nose, all stopped neglected as her assets moved their great proximity considered.

None of the surprise still now Sri proceeds to control the mischievous visions of various men–an whole age, in case.

Where on the other side Sridevi’s husband Boney Kapoor seemed completely release even as Sridevi stayed grab eyeballs. The safety screws seemed hapless as followers needed strong, that have a lot fail an impression of the megastar.


Whenever Hollywood gets satisfaction in a special Kardashian, well we have our really his Sri who can generate an excitement whenever she begins her and said, ahem ahem mystique.

different necessity acknowledges when it happens to command watching Sri grasps how to retrieve it.

where on the other side, The other Bollywood dive which is known as the name dhak-dhak gal and when so was also not comfortable that she’s decided for the suits and shows the complex and after that following suit in the glamorous industry.