OnePlus Concept One invisible Camera, To be Unveiled at CES 2020

OnePlus Concept One invisible Camera, To be Unveiled at CES 2020 :- Ever since OnePlus announced the OnePlus Concept One name, there has been so much buzz going around in the market. OnePlus Concept One, is all set to debut at CES 2020, and it has been teased to come with an “invisible camera” that is going to have colour-shifting glass protection on top.

OnePlus Concept One invisible Camera

This Chinese company on the other hand, has released a brief teaser video through its social media channels in order to give a preview at what it is going to unveil next week.

Distinctly, a concept drawing of the OnePlus Concept One has been shared by Wired that also hints at a leather back finish with a McLaren’s Papaya Orange colour.

In addition to that, the official teaser video, which has been posted by the OnePlus Twitter account, displays that the OnePlus Concept One is not going to show the camera setup.

“We’re bringing the #OnePlusConceptOne to #CES2020, but you don’t have to wait: you can get a sneak peek at it right here, along with its groundbreaking “invisible camera” and color-shifting glass technology”, the tweet reads.

The 10-second video also suggests that the phone wouldn’t comprise of a camera bump as well as it might have a triple rear camera setup.

This is going to be the first time ever that the Shenzhen-based smartphone maker is showing up at the CES in Las Vegas. In addition to that, to mark the moment, OnePlus is coming up with a concept device for showcasing some technologies that might possibly find use in future OnePlus smartphones.

Already, OnePlus has dropped a hint (it’s more than a hint in reality) and the Concept One is going to showcase a technology that you might have only seen in a Boeing jet.

As per to a report by Wired, OnePlus is working carefully with McLaren in order to bring the same colour-shifting glass technology that’s been featured on high-end car sunroofs as well as aircraft windows.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau along with his boys are calling this technology the ‘invisible camera’ as well as it is perhaps what the OnePlus Concept One is all about. From what OnePlus states so far, the application of the technology is quite simple- hide the rear cameras when it’s not in use.

The concept of the invisible camera came from two of the coolest transport aids that is a McLaren supercar as well as a Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. While speaking to the Wired, Pete Lau stated that OnePlus Creative Director Xi Zeng was exploring the McLaren headquarters in Woking, England in the year 2018 when he saw the electrochromic glass on the McLaren 720S Spider supercar from where he gets the idea.

The main concept behind that invisible camera is simple- hide it when you don’t need it. On the other hand, in spite of mounting the cameras under a mechanical shutter or any weird tech, OnePlus has gone for a simple electrochromic glass that doesn’t need any moving parts.

Previous month, OnePlus announced that the Concept One is going to make its debut at CES 2020 in Las Vegas on January 7. The smartphone on the other hand is touted to offer a “burdenless” experience.