#ONGCPays4ModiGSPCscam Trends on the Social Media Site Twitter

#ONGCPays4ModiGSPCscam Trends on the Social Media Site Twitter :- A new trend is trending on the social media site Twitter against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi that Modi was indulged in the corruption at the time when Modi was the Chief minister of Gujarat.


The people on the Twitter asking Modi that why is he silent on this scam of Rs. 20,000 crore approx. As per the CAG reports which tabled in the Gujarat Assembly that how the Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation(GSPC) squandered away Rs. 19,716 crore of public money.

GSPC invested Rs. 19,576 crore of public money in KG Basin Gas block without any assessment of the risk involved, construction technology, estimate of natural gas reserves or gas pricing. Despite this investment there has been no commercial production, means this entire money has been wasted. Since, The GSPC has been forced to give up many of the Gas Blocks.

PM Modi must be held accountable by same standards that he applies for others and submit himself to a probe by ” Joint Parliamentary Committee’ in the entire GSPC Scam based on the findings of CAG.

Here are some important tweets of this trends on the Twitter: