Online gambling is a massive industry worldwide. Millions of people around the globe take advantage of the perks of the internet for entertainment. Making money while you enjoy some fun can never ever really be a bad thing, can it?

Prior to 2006, many Americans also enjoyed the luxury of being able to play their favourite online slots or table games from the luxury of their desktop devices.  Unfortunately, for online players, their world changed in 2006 with the introduction of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGA). This act was introduced to curb illegal money practices and money laundering by unscrupulous online casinos. Ever since then, it has been assumed that it is illegal for Americans to gamble online.

What does the law say?

Online gambling in the USA is actually a ‘grey area’, and because most people are not sure about what the law entails, gamblers have stopped gambling, and many of the prominent gaming providers and online casinos stopped accepting US citizens at their sites. Don’t be fooled – just because an online casino accepts US Dollars, does not mean that it will accept American players. An issue which has led to much confusion. This is because the US Dollar is the main form of currency in many other countries.

The truth is, the act was introduced to eradicate criminal activities by gaming providers within the country. It was not implemented to stop US citizens from enjoying themselves online. If Americans wanted to gamble online, the chances of any legal consequences are slim. However, most casinos will not accept or allow American players.

It is common knowledge that Federal Law and State laws do not always see eye to eye on matters. Fortunately, for some citizens, Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey have legalised online gambling within their borders and provide relatively strict control and regulation. Although there are the only three states that currently support ‘gambling on the go’, several other states seem set to follow suit, including California, New York, and Pennsylvania. This could set a trend for various states across the country to go the same way.

What is the law in Canada?

It is no secret that America and Canada have similar laws. This is because of their strong political and geographical ties. Currently, in Canada, online gambling also exists in a ‘grey area’. However, unlike in the US, there are no laws against it. This means that Canadians are free to play online casino games  and register at online casino sites. Canada even has its own gambling license which is like a ‘stamp of approval’. Believe it or not, this is actually beneficial to Americans. Due to their close relationship, there are several Canadian casinos that will cater to Americans. Although, technically the legality of doing so exists in a ‘grey area’. Given that neither government has cracked down on this, it is reassuring.

What can American players do?

Unfortunately, the grey area over the subject has caused iGaming giants to distance themselves from American players. This has left the door open for many ‘shady’ online casinos and providers. Meaning that genuine players have been ripped off and scammed.

But good sites definitely exist, especially those provided within the respective states, as these will be very well regulated. Bear in mind although annoying regulations are there to protect players.

However, do not dismiss offshore casinos. There are a number of well-regulated establishments on the web, who will cater to Americans. Players should look out for licenses held in jurisdictions such as Gibraltar, Alderney, Malta, the UK, and Canada. These areas are renown for tough regulation of their affiliated online casino  vendors. You may have to search a little, as not all of these providers will accept Americans.

To help cut down time researching, players can also look at online casino review sites. These work exactly like TripAdvisor or any review site. Online casino review sites, review 100’s of sites, and only recommend reputable casinos. For players unsure about online gambling, they are a big help. Especially when it comes to finding an online casino that accepts players from the US. Players can easily filter through reviews and find reputable casinos. This can save players both time and money.

Realtime Gaming

Never fear when RTG is near. Although European giants like NetEnt and Microgaming are not available to American players, this American based software provider offers a great variety of casino games for your enjoyment. Games such as Blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, craps, and a plethora of video slots can easily be played on your desktop. In fact, the advances in technology are so great these days, that most of these sorts of games can now be enjoyed from the convenience of your Android or mobile phone, via mobile casinos.

Be sure to try an American supported online casino, to enjoy a wide world of igaming entertainment that is sure to blast the boredom from your life.