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Types of Online Gambling in the World

Online gambling keeps on taking back incomes from the land-based casinos. Millions of new gamblers prefer online entertainment because there is now need to go anywhere. You just sit in your favourite chair, take beer or whiskey, and enjoy your favourite games. Traditionally, gamblers are very loyal. If someone likes poker or baccarat, he/she will never play blackjack or roulette. Keep on reading to get to know geographical preferences of gamblers.

The United States

The US gamblers traditionally prefer online lotteries and sports betting. Since the second half of 19th century betting in this country has been a preferable type of entertainment. People desire not only to have fun but pocket some money, which is beneficial. Additionally, experts say that various types of online roulette and blackjack have already started to be dominant in 70% of the US online gambling houses.

New Zealand

New Zealand gamblers choose online pokies. Games that traditionally produce the maximum profit are Immortal Romance, The Epic Journey, Golden Legend, Break Da Bank Again, Panda King, Treasure Island, etc. Malaysian gamblers especially adore deposit bonuses and various VIP club promotions.


Chinese players prefer everything. It is the only nation which consumes all types of online games. Regardless of the game type, Chinese gamblers adore table games, video slots, scratch cards, Esports, horse racing betting, video poker, keno, bingo, and everything. The Chinese gambling market is the second one after the US regarding yearly revenues. In 2016, online casinos pocketed over 60 billion dollars due to gamblers from China.


For 50 years already, Kuala Lumpur has been the capital of gambling in South-eastern Asia. With the advent of the Web, Malaysia quickly switched to online gambling. However, there is a particular game which local gamblers cannot pass by. Consequently, live roulette websites pocket the maximum income from Malaysian gambling industry. The most popular ones are Jackpot247, SuperCasino, Genting Casino, 888 Casino, and BetVictor Casino. The fact that there are no restrictions on online gambling in this country plays a vital role for players. Additionally, live roulette on television is also very popular among Malaysian gamblers.


Russia gamblers traditionally prefer slot machines. All types of them. These are Classic Slot Machines, Bonus Slot Machines, Fruit Machines, Progressive Slot Machines, Loyalty Slot Machines, Multipayline Machines, etc. Online casinos, which provide services for Russian gamblers, pocket more than 20 billion dollars yearly.

Types of gamblers worldwide

Despite the geographical location, there are particular types of gamblers, which can be met in any country. These are:

  • Professional gamblers.  Gambling is a job for this kind of players. It is the main item of their monthly income. Important note: professional players at the online casino are never addicted to gambling. They are skilled professionals who just look for the best bet and pocket as much as they can afterward.
  • Antisocial gamblers. Such players always use gambling at online casinos as a way to receive cash illegally. They are always involved in fixing dog or horse races. They play with marked cards or loaded dice. Antisocial gamblers always try to use a habitual gambling diagnosis as an officially authorized protection.
  • Relaxed social gamblers. These people are the friendliest type of gamblers. Casual social gamblers visit online casinos just for fun, entertainment, and sociability. Such people presume to gamble as one of the relaxation forms. In this case, gambling never interferes with family and social obligations. For example, social gamblers may choose any occasional poker game or once a year visit Las-Vegas with family just for a weekend.
  • Serious social gamblers. These clients of online casinos spend most of the time there. It is one of the best sources entertainments. However, serious social gamblers never forget about their family and work.
  • Compulsive gamblers. It is the worst type of gamblers. They are regular clients of online casinos. Such people have lost control over their gambling long ago. It is the most important thing for them. They need neither family nor friends. They are often engaged in various crimes because they need money for gambling. Compulsive gamblers must undergo serious treatment.


Online gambling is undoubtedly one of the most popular virtual entertainments worldwide though each country has its peculiarities. There is a game that is ranked #1 in comparison to others in Malaysia. Already know the answer? Yes, it is live roulette. Professional dealers from the whole world wish to have a job in one of the Malaysian online gambling houses. Live roulette websites earn much money from both players and advertising.