Online Plagiarism Checker with the Report

Online Plagiarism Checker with the Report: -As we all are humans and most of our thinking resembles so there are chances that we may write in the same manner. Plagiarism occurs when someone copies our other person’s work and publish it without mentioning their name. Being humans, we think alike and so there might be chances of writing the same way. Nowadays, the unique work is most appreciated, and the ones who write different have more scope.

If you are planning to start your job as a writer, then you surely have to take care of plagiarism. In the world, there are millions of documents on the same topic you write, and it is indeed very difficult to check all the materials for confirming that your work is unique. Use this plagiarism checker tool that will do this job on your behalf.

As it is essential to have plagiarism free work even if you have copied, there might be chances of the same material, so it is recommended for you to use this application and make your lifeeasy.

If you have no space in your device and all other applications are essential then no need to worry as plagiarism checker does not need to be downloaded on any device. You can open it on any browser and have access to it to check for plagiarism. It is a web-based tool that only requires an internet connection.

The best thing about this checker is that it is very easy to use. No type of training is required, and anyone can have access. Unlike other substitute apps, this is a free plagiarism checker. Yes, you don’t have to pay a single penny to use it, and along with it, you can use every function.

Most of the checkers give you a free trial and then ask for you to pay. This plagiarism checker free won’t do it. It only has a single version; no other premium version is available.

As already informed it is an uncomplicated tool. You only have to open it on the browser of any device. A box will pop-up on your screen. You can copy/paste your content or directly can open it from your files. You can put the text with maximum 1000 words, and if your document contains more words, then you can divide it in small chunks. After that, you have to press the check button and done. The results will appear on screen within a few seconds.

In a single click, the percent of plagiarized text will be shown to you. Not only this, the content that belongs only to you will also be shown. From there you can change your data and can make that unique too. Plagiarism check software provides a full report to you which shows you the percentage of your text which contains plagiarism and which is unique. You can also download the report to keep it as a proof with you.


The thing that most of us get scared of is our privacy. A quality free plagiarism checker respects user’s privacy. Your work doesn’t get shared anywhere. Once you get your results, the data gets erased from the databases and is not saved anywhere.

If you don’t want your precious work to be called plagiarized and want to ensure that your content will not get rejected then you must use this plagiarism checker as it will help you throughout in building your career. I have used this tool many times on DupliChecker, and it was beneficial for me. You must also give it a try!