Oppo waterfall screen’ phone with ultra-curved edges, release date, Price & Specifications

Oppo waterfall screen’ phone with ultra-curved edges, release date, Price & Specifications: Well, you all should know that Oppo’s new waterfall screen concept phone 2019 is out. Reports are coming that Oppos has released the new images of smartphones which are displaying the design of curved screens. We are pretty sure that the new smartphone is going to make you all amazed. The mobile is new and the Oppos’s new style phone is very interesting and the viewers are in love with it.

Reports are also coming that the photos show how the Waterfall Screen takes the idea to the next level by extending the panel even further. The company is taking the idea to the next level and the edges of the screen are at 88 degrees. We loved the concept but it will be buggy for sure. The result is a prototype phone with an unusually tall aspect ratio. You all are going to love the new phone and the concept for sure but let’s see how you’ll be out for real.

Also, the looks of the new phone are looking interesting but now we think we have to wait for a while to see the concept in real life. As you all might know that the flagship phones aren’t bug-free so first of all the companies have to find the solution then they should proceed further. This undoubtedly looks cool, though it does raise certain usability concerns.

Even, it’s not clear whether the extra screen area will be touch-sensitive or whether Oppo is doing anything to avoid accidental input. As you all might already know that the phone’s edges also don’t have enough room for power and volume buttons. We think that the company is going to make big changes in the phone era with the new release. Oppo will have to find somewhere to relocate them.